Interrupting Lion Wants to Be Heard

A conservationist tries to make a recording, but the lion sitting with him has other plans.
2:55 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for Interrupting Lion Wants to Be Heard
And now it's time for the mix -- we've got. Feel great when lined up for you today let's start off with a conservationist OK it was sort of a holiday without world holiday the other day -- a conservationist was making. A tape about some like lions lions and the lions sort of wanted to get in on the -- and so he wouldn't be in Iraq during. -- -- is known -- the -- was Germany could not. Control this line and take a listen. I think -- that's basically the same -- haven't seen any thing like that we're looking into you know this isn't an organ. He could not get a word and it -- He's a couple of -- all right moving on now is speaking out on -- animal theme here this video comments to cut Bryant case but it's been around for. A week or so -- over the next five million views. -- to do with -- hit song royals while that's -- man who knew it was the music of house take a look at. Lawrence -- its trombone. More. I -- Thompson way -- it was a little. Okay. And in that day that -- yeah yeah. The music look at them cut costs and -- -- Land they. We'll keep a kind of nicknamed Marion just a -- NN Melissa. Accounts. -- also in. Moving right along. Did you know that there are tips for keeping your relationship been intact -- I'm interested in this world and this comes out of the UK and a good as that there's a top five that will give you. Of relationship tips and rounding out -- top five you should take turns to cook. And you should have regular date nights and businesses and you should also share household chores. And -- -- love you before you go to bed and around in an out for the top spot you should always is meant when you're wrong. Always remember when you're wrong this comes from a survey in the UK about -- relationship secrets right five -- -- day. Apparently. The best way to go but finally we got -- show you this feel good moment of the day. Always do something good for mom this comes from Toronto and aspiring entrepreneur or -- surprise to smother you see here here with the new. -- she lost your job she'd been without a ride. For about a year emeritus. She just sun comes through to the floor got -- -- car -- -- Shiite runaway cars and nineteen cent. Shop 99 PM that's a -- she wanted to classic she got it. You -- -- for mom today surprise there. And that is a good ever this -- look at that doesn't come through we're doing performers orange you got it good sound happy mom happy mom.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A conservationist tries to make a recording, but the lion sitting with him has other plans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24941676","title":"Interrupting Lion Wants to Be Heard","url":"/WNN/video/interrupting-lion-heard-24941676"}