Introducing a Dress that Shows Sexual Arousal

A new dress becomes transparent as a woman's heart rate increases.
2:55 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Introducing a Dress that Shows Sexual Arousal
Everybody to that it makes it we start something that's actually really interesting and I think every man's dream -- you know down there are. Things that happened to a man that automatically tells a woman what's happening in the -- yes when he's ready to. There will address that called into the two point -- and -- is a project. Apparently turns -- parent would only get sexually aroused so think that -- -- it turns drafts. You weren't many -- -- the heart rate and it becomes more more transparent at the heart rate speeds up. And left -- -- at your heart rate goes down. Another reason that the person who created that they did it because it's the passion project exploring the relationship between intimacy and technology he. It already a barely there are things but. It becomes. Apparently more time if you're asking what it's -- made out of really -- -- it doesn't matter it's transparent. I come on out there every -- goes always make -- disappeared. Yeah. And I thought it may like that's. Also this from the front moves you don't file of the truly stupid there was this showrooms in front of a judge and in Miami did -- out there in Florida had she got a little slippage. With the judge -- He got a correctly with a little -- take a listen to this. Don't want -- -- 101000. -- I don't see you you know. Did you say that. Until they say that I find him a big you know -- them -- -- in the economy to. So he was she was stunned by the high -- that he said she'd been arrested for drug possession and as she's walking away hundreds of that looks you put them off and literally say that -- to the judge -- that either OK now your county jail for thirty days. And the -- that he brought her back is because she's on her way out the first and she said -- looks -- -- benefit accent and he said I don't really come on back. -- like well like me now a bit her probation also be Lindsay Lohan and all work out our -- -- good stuff. -- in the pain of weird things that you Wear this. Is it jewelry is created by American designer Jennifer -- crew is well hidden it looks like the and torture instrument but it's actually a statement jewelry that she says -- body language and encourages its jester so somebody things -- -- -- fingers. And it's all about making an -- to state. Making art work out of your jewelry so this is apparently we're going to take enhance your body language and the way people perceive you. And you're supposed to look more beautiful because of the way that -- And there is it suddenly hit and we third most watched Super Bowl history this past Sunday but apparently because of that power -- also was the most watched. The error in television. In history -- 170 people still watch even though business darn.

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{"id":18417139,"title":"Introducing a Dress that Shows Sexual Arousal","duration":"2:55","description":"A new dress becomes transparent as a woman's heart rate increases. ","url":"/WNN/video/introducing-dress-shows-sexual-arousal-18417139","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}