An 'Iron Man' Without a Plan?

Robert Downey Jr. says there are no plans to make a fourth film in the superhero franchise.
3:25 | 09/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for An 'Iron Man' Without a Plan?
Well it's time now for the skinny and -- gets off. It's a very discouraging news for fans of Iron Man yeah in an interview with variety of Robert -- junior Iron Man himself to that there are no plans for a fourth -- In fact -- one of the most successful we franchises in history Iron Man. Solidified marvel studios is a blockbuster hit maker but having to pay Downey Jr. of fifteen million dollars just hours what -- -- -- Have a clue as to why there is in the fourth -- man -- -- for now Tony Stark's big screen story will remain a trilogy. Full disclosure parent company Disney also owns marvel studios are now you can wipe your tears with this story just what you thought it wasn't possible Miley Cyrus hits a new fashion. -- to -- year old pop star turned out for an after party for New York Fashion Week and going shockingly. Short on fashion herself. Nothing but ice cream -- steam. -- got a letter above her black sparkly pants I was available on line -- Well he's now -- you know it it is it has been warm here in New -- -- If you can -- that's way from those those -- -- what workarounds. You'll notice that she finished up prophet wearing sunglasses made up pills in Canada Syrians and we pretty much run out of words for that description because Miley. There yeah off. Hats off to you. -- -- -- We don't usually feature sports superstars -- -- skinny but guaranteed her work that. The captain of -- -- New York Yankees was -- yesterday at Yankee Stadium that Jeter is retiring at the end of the season and this was the -- -- to thank him it -- twenty years of service. -- postgame news conference -- showed off his trademark cool when things didn't go exactly as planned to. Walking the streets going out the door. Here at the stadium -- -- -- -- Walt trying to hammer. It's polluted. She lost you have to call -- back and. Total -- reporter for the paper in suburban New Jersey she immediately apologized. And that call was from her husband -- you pick up Chinese on the -- Britney Spears and be ready to belt -- -- brand new break up song after splitting with her boyfriend what's being exposed an astronomer supplant and to ram hard at work inside a recording studio she's looking fabulous and flashing a peace -- she apparently has. Everything she needs to create a head at her fingertips -- -- headphone and microphone and. The pack of cigarettes well it's not all work and no play for spears results but hanging out with girlfriends in Las Vegas clearly didn't. Last week we gave a birthday shout out to beyoncé who turned 33 on Thursday -- -- queen -- -- daisy daughter Blue -- and other friends and family. Spent the weekend celebrating an an Italian seaside town -- those rumors aside. Reports are that couple look. Pretty much -- Pretty much in love drunken -- and as the weekend came to a close we are supposed to world's voted in mr. Graham an upside down he yelled oppose along with a message thank -- -- so much for my birthday wishes. -- you're welcome I mean clearly we weren't able to make it the birthday party bad will celebrate your -- go to Chuckie cheese next week celebrating I think he had. We're at some limits under right there but let's stay with us.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Robert Downey Jr. says there are no plans to make a fourth film in the superhero franchise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25343034","title":"An 'Iron Man' Without a Plan?","url":"/WNN/video/iron-man-plan-25343034"}