Israel Targets Hamas Officials With Airstrikes

More than 200 people have died in Israel-Gaza conflict.
4:13 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Israel Targets Hamas Officials With Airstrikes
New threats by Israel. After Hamas rejected a proposed cease fire that's right thousands of residents living in the Gaza Strip have been warned to get out ahead of looming air strikes in fact ABC's Aaron -- -- -- Is joining us live from Jerusalem with the latest -- -- Gaza is burning Israelis are ducking rockets and the fighting stretches now into a ninth day after hopes for that cease fire disintegrated. The Israeli military has been warning tens of thousands of Palestinians by phone by text a -- be -- to leave their homes for their own safety. Listen to these messages you should not return to the premises until further notice whoever disregard these instructions and fails to evacuate immediately endangers their own lives. As well as those of their Stanley. Now in some cases and in some places Hamas has been using the loudspeakers from mosques that help people -- -- -- -- -- So Israel said it would strike areas where -- high volume of rocket fire has originated. In fact just in the last few minutes the sirens sounded again in Tel -- Followed by the familiar -- of iron dome intercepts. Hamas has fired more than 12100 rockets and mortars it is rails and Israel has hit more than 17100. Targets in Gaza where the death poll has now surpassed 200. -- -- Aaron -- spent so much speculation as you know about a possible Israeli ground invasion into Gaza what are you hearing from Jerusalem right now is that looking more likely. So far Israel has been reluctant to -- -- -- with ground troops April 1 -- incursion with some navy commandos. In the last couple -- days but that possibility is back on the table -- this cease fire -- and it was really a unilateral ceasefire. Hamas militants say they were never consulted and so they rejected -- outright saying it wasn't worth the -- it was written -- -- what -- -- -- So effectively put that possibility of a ground invasion. Back in play. And the tanks and troops remain massed on the road toward Gaza. And an -- always surprised when these conflicts take place between Hamas and Israel how the people there we don't hear about large -- -- in the Gaza Strip. Is -- pressure right now from the ground on the leadership of Hamas. To do something and may be given to a cease fire agreement. I think quite the opposite they've -- seems to be pressure to hold out into its. To continue the air strikes until Hamas has something to show for the 200 dead people. And and the vast instructions. In Gaza. Right there in these miserable but at least -- -- disaster. -- it's been blockaded by Israel Egypt has shut -- the Rafah crossing which -- its main supply line. The people need -- -- an end without getting anything from Israel created seem to zip. These people are willing to tolerate more pain so they can get some kind of concessions. And me John Kerry secretary of state John Kerry has offered to come into the region to possibly mediate this but it Egypt which is always been a broker with these talks have. Would be cease fire talks has been pretty adamant about trying to negotiate something between Israel and Hamas. And -- we're learning a little bit more about what prompted this latest cease -- offer even though it seemed the United States it's a bit out of the loop we're told that it was pressure from secretary of state -- take two. Offered a -- here. It to Jerusalem or or to Cairo to to push the sides together both sides said no we don't need we don't need you here right now but that may have been the impetus to get the Israelis and egyptians talking about a cease fire the problem is -- seem to -- excluded. Hamas from those conversations and so Hamas militants. Rejected that offer the the military wing and called -- a -- and and said that it would have amounted to a complete surrender. Yeah looks like they need something go to sort of save face with the people Aaron -- -- -- reporting live. From Jerusalem always terrific reporting -- thank you so much -- ABC news all morning long for breaking developments from the mideast our coverage continues on. America this morning and Good Morning America.

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{"id":24578586,"title":"Israel Targets Hamas Officials With Airstrikes","duration":"4:13","description":"More than 200 people have died in Israel-Gaza conflict.","url":"/WNN/video/israel-targets-hamas-officials-airstrikes-24578586","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}