First Look at 'Jackie' Starring Natalie Portman

The highly-anticipated movie, "Jackie" is already getting Oscar buzz.
4:04 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for First Look at 'Jackie' Starring Natalie Portman
My fair park this getting phone in the sun is that does. Look out famous group. Time now for the skinny hand topping our headlines this morning the amazing transformation of Natalie Portman Oscar winning star blacks lot of steps back and tied to become one of America's most beloved first ladies that is the one and only Jackie Kennedy and this morning who were getting our first look at the newly released trailer for the critically acclaimed Jackie. That in patients. So Jackie premiered at the Venice Film Festival. I recently and focuses on Jackie Kennedy's first days following president Kennedy's. Assassination it is set to hit theaters Friday December 2. And it is already getting a lot of Oscar buzz didn't lot of people saying that she might be a big contender for best actress. Actually supposed to sit down with her in about a week for an interview this I. Just a humble brat. Can't wait atop their largest special guests and hundreds. Will be in the peninsula. And defensive Alberta and the latitude and human intellect and Arby's is indefinitely and he. What an osprey buddy is already amassed quite up. Porch and retired about Daniel Radcliffe who has made nearly 96 million dollars from his Harry Potter movies. He's 27 years old he's famous and he's loaded with a single I think he single. So what do you think he spends his money on. Well woods you're paying not saying rat tells the British newspaper the telegraph quote I don't really doing anything with my money's so what does he do. Not even like a Tesla or what nothing like. So the grown up boy wizard tells the newspaper having money means you don't have to worry about it which he says is quote. A very lovely freedom to have. Record says he's using what he calls this immense freedom to take risks and make broader choices and found him money does give you freedom it does. You know for the second axle Jesus peace to grow my passion or else they're nice you know conduct car. The house and the apple LY on Monday into a corner and protect the pets spend it. Okay just over five months after his death the home and recording city of prince Payson park is opening to the public. But no one is going quite crazy over this yet since the venue is welcoming guests only for a very limited time just three days today. Saturday and next Friday October 14 and that's it for now so the limited schedule is thanks to a temporary agreement with the city. Deer in Minnesota where the site is located prince's estate had wanted it to operate as a museum. But that re zoning request has been put on hold until studies can be done on the attractions impact on the community like traffic in utilities. The chat happening council will consider isn't parks application in December. And happening shortly after holidays and make sure that for fans of Bon Jovi said that the entire state of. New Jersey we do technique. The garden state will be empty after the holidays the band showcasing its upcoming LP. This house is not for sale. On a winter tour that kicks off in every good storm packs twenty dates into just six weeks. Starting in Greeneville South Carolina and circling the country reports including march 22 Indianapolis. This house is not for sale. Is run Phillies fourteen studio outfield PN is set for release. On. Friday October 20. Like the Rolling Stone but I always toward anyway that's a good day about bonds. Had a little jockey Adam out of funds have. You know we're we're both beyoncé folks I just hope he performs a direct TV commercial side he capped I her parents to. Or hypocritical.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The highly-anticipated movie, \"Jackie\" is already getting Oscar buzz. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42609320","title":"First Look at 'Jackie' Starring Natalie Portman","url":"/WNN/video/jackie-starring-natalie-portman-42609320"}