Jamie Brewer Makes Her Runway Debut

The "American Horror Story" actress made Fashion Week history.
1:45 | 02/13/15

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Transcript for Jamie Brewer Makes Her Runway Debut
Amid pumping eappen flashing light history is being made its first confident death. Jamie brewer is the very first model with Down syndrome ever take on the catwalk that New York Fashion Week show that it changes. Pick it yourself and other pages. The world's gonna marry him ratio remodeled and have never walk through one week before his successful for us. It that we would like as a warm model not runway not. I'm not looking hurts you. Putting the most amazing women in the world on the runway an inspiring other women. Among them top executive philanthropy activist and one theory that's no accident. Jamie best known for her rules on the successful ethics cable series American horror show says he's conquered so many fears on TV air. A growing theme. A check dummy the car no walking the runway in New York legendary fashion show is just another now. Embrace the fear and go court and that's just what he'd done. Bounding onto the catwalk with hands on him he only state hands with the black pointing take on the audience. I'm smile. For the cameras. Here away. Finally the audience cheering her on every both hands in the air with the triumph of good twelve walks off the stage a new model. For a runway revolution. Lana. In the.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"The \"American Horror Story\" actress made Fashion Week history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28940588","title":"Jamie Brewer Makes Her Runway Debut","url":"/GMA/video/jamie-brewer-makes-runway-debut-28940588"}