Jay Leno's Long Life in Late-Night

"Tonight Show" host?s contract will extend past 2014.
2:34 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for Jay Leno's Long Life in Late-Night
Good morning. Cops couldn't follow -- -- -- sort of talk about a few days ago in the in the skinny terms of the whole late night talk show battle yet let go and Kendall and Fallon all those guys who according to some reports those who were at the TV critics association 2013 winter press story on Sunday looks like Jay Leno is going to have his contract extended. Past its expiration date of 2014 there have been some rumblings that they were gonna let -- go between fourteen and slide Jimmy Fallon into that slot. But looks like the 62 year old -- will keep his job. Past 2014 -- that shows us Carson looked of course. Back in 1992 it makes sense perhaps they were gonna move -- it. The leno's spot he doesn't much younger demo and because of course starting Smart Jimmy -- is switching -- time -- here ABC Nightline so. You -- going to be on earlier so it looked like that was the matchup that was ruined it apparently it was he who like Jay Leno. He's gonna be there past twenty it has -- interesting -- late night wars continue and. -- you exactly. Well Arnold Schwarzenegger I mean he's certainly been in the news for a long time but now he has his own personal tank that's right. He took it for a spin recently had a fairly he's had -- for quite some time this is the original tanker that he drove when he was in the -- -- army when he was eighteen years all that's. The terminator yes going -- Very funny car because if he's having fun doing math mcginnis his drive into the may tell us what to do aren't you -- I. I have I didn't bring it hasn't any exhibit there's rumor rip had responded -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a no hitter worked up on that Men's Health Magazine has ranked the hottest women of 2013 that the New -- only seven days old but apparently they're already into it -- -- these top three here according to Men's Health Magazine coming at three. Christina Hendricks by the nation's lovely young lady from mad men of course number two mile Cohen as the new miss Ashton Kutcher and -- -- Pop star Katy Perry commitment tell magazine these they were -- the house and of the world who -- your top three discuss amongst yourself. -- -- -- in June you know honey move was mother yes Smart thing she set up trust funds for her daughter she doesn't get any of the money they don't live on any of the money. And they won't get it when they -- 21 you're so Smart lady bird take grandmother -- --

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{"id":18150992,"title":"Jay Leno's Long Life in Late-Night","duration":"2:34","description":"\"Tonight Show\" host?s contract will extend past 2014.","url":"/WNN/video/jay-lenos-long-life-late-night-18150992","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}