Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby Boy Ace

The singer gave birth to Ace Knute Johnson at a Los Angeles hospital.
3:09 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby Boy Ace
-- -- time and some good news on this one that just -- -- welcoming a new baby boy yes another airline yeah. The boy's name is ace Newt Johnson and the president's. Maxwell right Maxwell a little girl and this is with her fiance Eric Johnson. And this all comes courtesy of by. But Jason Johnson joins -- month old sister Maxwell who do -- new family and the baby -- middle name honors. Dad's Eric Swedish grandfather. -- -- goes is that on the Internet connect katic support nukes. -- -- -- renewed her -- kind of so I think I think that's why it's another crazy baby named because we had north. -- glass and Kardashian and now we had to be I want to be -- and are going to be. Of a check this out. These artists perform all of almost all time for any kind of person that will hire them to Cummins in their -- -- -- -- as well she has apparently. -- settled -- a lot of human rights activists because she performs. We're. Presidents you make amends in his right Turk men stand. She sang happy birthday for the 56 year old yeah well he has an impressive record of human rights violations in his country. And so now. People around the world are really upset about -- so much so that she's been forced to apologize even -- Her statements are saying that -- you know the entire performance was led by representatives and their intention was not to do this at all especially not for somebody with his record yeah. The statement goes on to say -- -- -- knowledge of human rights issues of any kind Jennifer would not happen. And -- and saying. They have -- -- is apologizing. You see is right the documentary out called how to make money selling drugs sardonic titled release and informative documentary just -- the drug wars and in America and whether it's what we're fighting or -- one it just thinking evident. Opening up about his past drug addiction in this documentary speaks about being addicted to buy it in -- minute to minute video clip that's inside this film. So was released on April 25 include appearances -- -- set Russell Simmons. But -- recanted that you can that happen. Okay really quickly teens is apparently reporting that Iran has RS -- from the apprentice. While her mom and her where apparently at ET awards and another Celebrity Apprentice a lot Claudia -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ma is mom getting clocked an -- she's filed a police report let's get this at all according to. -- word -- it's they were apparently having an argument Claudia and -- -- fibrosis mom heard came -- -- in the arm. Yeah I just -- my outlook.

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{"id":19542885,"title":"Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby Boy Ace","duration":"3:09","description":"The singer gave birth to Ace Knute Johnson at a Los Angeles hospital.","url":"/WNN/video/jessica-simpson-welcomes-baby-boy-ace-19542885","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}