Jimmy Kimmel Grills Donald Trump on Doctor's Note

TV host calls out the potential Republican presidential candidate for releasing strange doctor's note.
4:19 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel Grills Donald Trump on Doctor's Note
Welcome back to the skinny and hoping to scan the headlines this morning Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel right here on ABC and as we mentioned earlier in the broadcast this was Kimmel only gas last night. Which means lots of topics are discussing Kimmel was free to call from bout and his more controversial policies and statements. Including that rather strange doctors don't remember that trumps longtime position released to a. Yes a couple of days ago we talked about it this week and we it's the first time we've heard trumps of about this dog does now have. Thank you mole threw him a bit of a couple. His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. Mr. trump I can state unequivocal bully probably will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the press. Okay. God I write it off right as I said doctor I want to tell you I'll be the healthiest president ever. And he said. And I think I agree and I think he probably took my words that he put to death by the result is that what they could doctors so far a great job this is of his picture on FaceBook this is your doctor out what kind of a doctor. How. It's pretty funny you know it wouldn't. A political article that said. Before he released doctor's note the so that he admit I'm healthy food choices and he didn't exercise and then he releases the it's a pretty like it sheds I'm mine traits in reference gobbles again. Adults it will be the healthiest president of old sign you will be the healthiest president duels on imitative. But the Star Wars that fort not because you wouldn't admit this is all meant to renew because you fell asleep during the Crimean old. The biggest film last. Views. It's total truck doesn't drink is not just in front I didn't know back the headliner but cut that he could become the thing it because no benefit and her. But if elected he actually had trump would actually be seven years old when sworn in which actually taken the oldest president not we've got to move an affront to deny that. But Kimmel brought out something that would appeal to much younger audience we you'll really like this and in the office via aggravating vets DA's. Ironically revealing that Donald Trump is the ghost writer for adults is used like book cold wind is all loses. That's up Allison. Now here are some frauds I do not lie get all we must kick these frogs out and then build a wall. The places you'll go on your yard on your plane with your suits from a love in your wives from Ukraine. The building fuel bill although the wealth Hewlett matzo the people around you all kissing your ass. There are two kinds of people which one will you be a loser like them do what the finish for a winter like me. Yeah. They asked for profit did she really yes because I think it's remarkable. It did all of this singing love Republican Doug Brooks who thought she won a copy of this that's another Campbell I don't know Kimmel let us now we're gonna see that most available. You must be some special in her office mail I think it's correct really great writing by the the team that can really does love bunnies that have easier access all of coping gathered around the TV watching that I loved incidentally name on it. Okay next arguably the biggest global superstar mark timing couldn't Donald Trump we're about microbes. And some big news about his iconic album. Guerrilla it's gone plaques and and now. Tee times. The the album ever to do that. Thirteen times over you know he's more than a billion dollars since he died how. The skinny is full of good faxed. It really is I love humor taco which is our favorite we have thriller Billie Jean beat it their all the kind of revolutionizing medium the way they. Told their stories the music video and very cemented his status. Could just. Soda. Students can just to recap. We have incidents in we have limited Donald Trump doesn't drink he'd be the oldest president ever elected. And mark Jensen for the instances I think what to I don't. No new. It.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"TV host calls out the potential Republican presidential candidate for releasing strange doctor's note.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35815603","title":"Jimmy Kimmel Grills Donald Trump on Doctor's Note","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmel-grills-donald-trump-doctors-note-35815603"}