Jimmy Kimmel Is Running for Vice President

In his latest stunt, the late night comedian officially announces his candidacy for Vice President of the United States.
4:36 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel Is Running for Vice President
I'm not for the skinny starting with. Breaking. Wreaking spinning news and it happened right here in last night on ABC as our very own Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his vice presidential campaign saying. He doesn't need a number one. To make it number two see what he's doing there and some of the major players at CNN are even getting in on the act. He is running for vice president of the United States. He has no are running mate died he claims not to be a Washington insider or outsider and believes he'll make a great number two despite the fact. The sources are telling us that and high school he got a decent social. Go over the Wall Street how he's Poland right now Jimmy take a look at this. Right now all indications are you are polling at 100%. Bob. Do you think he's actually on the short list for trough right now very scientific approval numbers dancing in the memo. Kimmel says that he'd never stopped fighting for his fellow Americans. Unless of course influences on then he'd stoppers on his accident and grow up what's going on in the show good luck with that we're still trying to figure it out it doesn't. When there. Turning out to over see is that where the race for the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival also got pretty interesting nasty people look at a mall Clooney. The pink every. Every bit like a Hollywood a Lister herself. For yesterday's premiere of her husband George Clooney's new film money monster. But she did appear to have a near wardrobe malfunction. Turning into a bit of trouble with the land of that Boeing gal. Yet they all get together for a big group photo and among a little bit of an oops moment there. During that red carpet picture with the money monster cast. The wind kind of blue and the split open a little bit more than she planned. Director Jodie Foster and costar Julia Roberts were also there are looking absolutely beautiful boozing old school Hollywood glamour. And vintage inspired black isle downs but. More don't function or not I say. Came Amal stole the show you one she stole the show Jack has been paying attention to it in check thanks to Sam right. He's loud he. Ten. Couldn't do it again I'm not saves in the monitored if I had legs that looked like that I'd probably be purposely trying to I would health and they had little breakdown of their home. It was everything obtaining staff of the beautiful very stunning way to goma. Here at home in the meantime some awkward moments played out in Hollywood yesterday between. Ozzy and Sharon Oswalt yes on the heels of news that they've split after 33 years of marriage the couple had to reunite for business purposes. At the Hollywood palladium for a black event and event. OK so you recall Sharon still manage his house he's bad but the reunion. Click interface in now is not exactly warm. Sharing literally cringed is as Ozzie put his arm around her. Even apparently trying to pull away now though that you are no longer living together a source does tell People Magazine that. No divorce is being discussed. At least not yet in some. Live conspiracy theories here behind the scenes were saying that she was drinking lemonade on her show that she desert CBS. And you know perhaps that's telling trying to send a signal. That she's just sexually thirsty. Very very subtle there may be. Finally to Boston and the growing and big enough that is Justin Bieber just days after his social media rant about no more autographs or. Or fan photographs and this happened. Dancing on the bar downing shots and sucking headline whereas we used to college freshman year. It happened that caused this story they'll nightclub among other locale that there has orchestra concert. And despite his edict this week banning vans and snapping pics of the van he seemed right now with party goers there will be posted pics and videos to social media he even stuck if you sell these himself. Yeah this when would the wheel Tillman bar manager. Many felt bad after saying all that stuff about spent some bothering him and he wanted to show that is still a man of the do you recruit groups bands and maybe that's an insult people dancing on the bar usually works for that news that.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"In his latest stunt, the late night comedian officially announces his candidacy for Vice President of the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39087005","title":"Jimmy Kimmel Is Running for Vice President","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmel-running-vice-president-39087005"}