Joe Biden Praises Hillary Clinton at the DNC

The Vice President had harsh words for Clinton's opponent, Donald Trump.
2:47 | 07/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Biden Praises Hillary Clinton at the DNC
President Joseph Biden also took several jabs at Donald Trump saying no major party nominee has ever been less prepared to deal with our national security. The Biden did have a. Glowing praise for Hillary Clinton his onetime political rival. ABC save your banker joining us now with more on what's next for Joseph from Delaware and Pennsylvania for that matter yes good morning. Good morning to you both near middle class of two hours yes accidentally called other vice president spoke of his family background giving a respectful shout out to the president and First Lady. And as you both mentioned harshly criticizing Donald Trump but he focused campaigning a personal and impassioned portrait of the democratic nominee. Everybody knows she's tough. When I know what she's passionate about. I know Hillary. In an appeal to undecided voters and fellow Democrats vice president Joseph Biden shared he's known Hillary Clinton for over thirty years. Saying she can relate to students burdened with debt. And families overwhelmed with the cost of health care. After the speech he told our Philadelphia's station what Clinton needs to do tonight is at a more personal touch. I don't think it'll glimpse of the heart. She really cares. I mean it's not like it's not like you know. I wanna be presidents their probability need to be president it's me she cares for me this is stuff she cares about. Biden was also asked by our colleague Jim Gardner about Trump's asking Russia to find Clinton's deleted emails I don't you think he knows he's doing. No no I'm serious I. I I don't think you. I don't think you consciously knows how would she is good I don't think. I asked for Biden's future the vice president says in essence he's not going anywhere. With plans of being deeply involved in helping the next administration's. Man in attendance. What went kinda well. You know he's not going to do you Zack. Her. We're a relief appearances. He's he's still obviously he still has it some reaction by the way in the meantime to Joseph Biden's speech among them. Ashley Judd saying your courage and words inspirational Chanda rhymes a creator of so many. Basically there's an programming here and as he sat. I absolutely love Joseph Biden and all he's done so. If you see Ashley Judd space during just like I did not about seven minutes and she's bawling. Oh wow that's so she was only moved any she was emotional so and it worked calls for a while for him to right now down for this he's got it and got so firmly invested in the Democratic Party so we'll see you expect. For a lot of people last night who were saying that especially after hearing his fiery speech. Still got it. Our rating two and thank you know problem we're gonna move on their actually still talk about the vice president and the president the president by the way just arrived back in Washington DC. And both of them the VPM president are set to campaign for Hillary Clinton this fall.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"The Vice President had harsh words for Clinton's opponent, Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40953726","title":"Joe Biden Praises Hillary Clinton at the DNC","url":"/WNN/video/joe-biden-praises-hillary-clinton-dnc-40953726"}