Joe De Sena Challenges Extreme Athletes

The "Spartan Up!" book outlines his ideas for overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance.
6:31 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Joe De Sena Challenges Extreme Athletes
It was last fall Diana and I'd put -- -- -- -- our own sport great obstacle course modeled after that top military style of doing great. -- -- -- -- -- Now I don't need to remind anybody out there but -- -- it anyway -- -- But we are definitely both inspired fire guessed that -- card race founder -- defense. Like mean Joseph grew up in Queens New York worked hard made it all the way to Wall Street before founding Spartan race. He's also -- of an accomplished athlete he's known to run several 100 mile -- -- in a single week I recently sat down with -- to talk about his new book called Spartan not. The take no prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance in -- And Harry Harry judges cannot thank you so much for joining us I think it's pretty obvious that we can start here you are an extreme -- right I wanted to go to some of the things that you've done and it's probably just scratching the surface here he ran several 100 mile race is in a single week. You did a 360 miles sixty -- race in Canada in the dead of winter and you even created the Spartan racist one of our race called. The death races well. Why you do this what motivates you to do these things. I just -- the push myself I think gum. -- -- adversity is a road to success and so it's not if things we'll go wrong in your life it's when. And so I like to change my frame of reference and I mean by that is if you're out. In Canada and thirty below for -- days the well the car and start the morning the kids screaming the -- is not the perfect temperature no big deal because thank tax cut thirty below the -- shine. You take yourself to the worst extremes they can think of so that anything that happens in everyday life is nothing compared to what you've been -- the let's talk about your book a little bit Spartan up you write challenging yourself to accomplish more than you know you can is never stupid it helps -- you what you're capable up. He also quoted as saying I can't doesn't mean anything to you anymore because if your ego because you know anything is possible. With what is it about these phrases that help you. Power through everything. Well we'll -- -- be motivated it's hard to stay motivated it's the number one thing we hear from our millions of customers as -- Johannes stay motivated and and the same motivated -- them is difficult to even difficult for many. And so I like to set my -- on something whether it's that day that we agree that year commit to it publicly and here on the hook you tell everybody doing. -- building a business or wherever it may be in life and then. And then delaying gratification. Right we all want instant gratification -- the snooze button is your take action less align our program -- PC case. But you can delay gratification and not take those things -- -- rewards multiply. -- -- -- -- a little bit let's talk about your started raises a lot of people sign up for these. And they're brutalized in -- -- -- and they are really brutal and they keep coming back from -- behind you think that it. I think it's addictive attack like the human world -- William and we have we forgot -- -- I've got this great analogy. That I've got a dog many of us have dogs and not a dog looks loves to sit next to me so prominent kitchen -- and emails all -- -- on the phone she's just sitting now. She she by the -- the psychologist right she's missing in the house although it take her outside and run. And chase birds -- run through the water and she's happy as can day. And so I think that's what happens to us you bring us a spark race put us in the -- climbing walls -- we're happy is committing. Let's not forget the brain everybody forgets is the rain sits inside the body right in better shape the bodies and help do body is that the -- do line this. So what. But let's say our audience somebody watching in the middle of the night maybe not the best of shape but wants to challenge themselves to do something can and meanwhile into the spin off the -- Got off the -- and I'm not but the data and I don't have -- wanted to go do a lap around -- house. You just gotta take -- one foot in front area all right so that you're saying maybe not tomorrow but eventually anybody can -- -- It is we've got 74 year old grand mom's doing it. And the book by the way is for the people are still on accounts that are unsure -- and they do -- -- -- the book creating a commodity like carrier couch outside. What is this Spartan lifestyle you talk about what -- -- that -- -- touching upon it now but. We give it to me a couple of sentences somebody watching at home that wants to make this a part of their lifestyle what what does it mean to be a Spartan. The words -- powerful word -- think back to those warriors they were pretty there are pretty tough and in fact many people used to say -- panel leaders kings queens. The spartans. They get they -- relaxation day when they go to war their training is so hard play and and so that's what it means to us and we -- -- -- -- -- to live that lifestyle is is them. Maybe you're drinking water -- -- a coffee in a sugary drink. Maybe you're not having cake theft and -- Right maybe you're waking up a little earlier and on for one mile walk many and that's what it means and millions of people have bought into -- And so it's it's up it's -- movement. Time believing what was happening. I want to talk about your book again because it touches on so many things aside from those -- -- -- how to just kind of be a better human being -- better be more motivated. He even talk about your parenting style which is fascinating to me we were just talking about your kids off camera he's got four children on -- young the young the eldest the seven years old tape now eight now. Let me just go through some of the things that you torture kids with two bars of come through every single day two of them are fluent in Mandarin your five year old has -- a -- your four year old does -- -- every day. And everybody gets up at 5:45 in the morning and you make them do all this stuff -- -- now. A lot of people would look at this and say boy that's a whole lot for some young kids why. Yeah but I mean if you look at some cultures in the world today kids walked. Five miles to school yes right so isn't it ridiculous that most kids are waking up right before the bus comes there's nothing in some food that's not great for them. And they're probably not getting the best education because they're not because teachers are good -- they're still sleeping. And in class what is the overall take away from the -- thing you want people how. Recent and then want to toughen up. -- -- -- -- -- -- it's not so bad whatever you think is going on your life that's so terrible it's not as bad as thirty below in northern Canada. Our I want to get indebted senate thank you so much for joining it to get -- Book by the way start up on the -- -- now with Syria that I need to sign need to get off of the cats anyway. But again just -- the home Smart enough to take no prisoners guy who's overcoming obstacles and TV performance in.

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{"id":23773797,"title":"Joe De Sena Challenges Extreme Athletes","duration":"6:31","description":"The \"Spartan Up!\" book outlines his ideas for overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance.","url":"/WNN/video/joe-de-sena-challenges-extreme-athletes-23773797","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}