Jon Gosselin Lives in a Cabin and Waits Tables

The former star of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" lives a simple life.
3:44 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Jon Gosselin Lives in a Cabin and Waits Tables
Okay check out -- enthralled in this story so John -- from that megahit. TLC show. Jon and Kate plus eight million of the couple had always right in these six. Very -- he apparently is doing something quite different than we were still watching that -- he's now living in a cabin in the woods in Pennsylvania and he's waiting on people. He -- this is all according to Entertainment Tonight an interview that he gave them. He says he doesn't have a relationship with Kate anymore no text or email the exchange -- kids at the bus stop -- -- -- -- she doesn't physically see that he is she doesn't that he doesn't physically see her ever yeah. Any type of child support which is probably a good thing because he's now waiting tables for a living but he says. That doesn't mean he's hit rock bottom take -- -- Are you struggling to make ends me now I don't know what people so that you know it's like. They said you know why they -- to say that -- because I'm waiting tables which is really disgusting. The thing that because you wait tables or because you have different things or you don't have an eight to 488. -- five job. That you're making ends meet. -- but anyway he says that he's hit rock bottom trying to -- that he bounces back each time and there you have it in waiting tape -- look at that video and I'm thinking that they set up a new reality show about. -- Jon minus Kate. I don't know. I do a better restaurant reviews and adjusting things now we have no longer on the view this topic apparently she was almost well apparently she says she was fired -- our view this is. Online but apparently in August it was -- -- on her own terms but she told Jay Leno. On the Tonight Show that she had been briefly fired from the talk -- seven years earlier apparently at the time she let it slip on entertainment site that Rosie O'Donnell was gonna join the view during some primetime Emmys. Trouble Walters was not pleased about this. And said she wasn't gonna -- -- contract obviously they move past that you also talk about Donald Trump and making enemies on the show. She makes wisecracks about his hair and they didn't go over well O'Donnell -- -- -- I don't want to get in trouble with Donald yeah I'm so then we got out I had high but this -- -- -- -- eleventh and I got to trust people. Trump is livid about the comments joy made on air yesterday. He did not Wear away. She can come all of this is it real mania she didn't come -- into the office and -- -- said it won't come off. People -- they need to check their facts before running them -- You and I have patients and their public -- hand. Let's start -- That pretty okay so this job has been going on for a little while we bring -- -- every now and again when there's a development is a little bit of the development quite hard -- Sheehan and her husband Lamar Odom. Apparently she's. Kinda had -- with him he he's struggling with a drug problem. He's been in out of rehab. In -- out of the house and according to -- -- -- eat. She doesn't know more interventions no more trying to save -- she's very upset. The life made it -- has kind of started to -- for her and for the rest of her family and she is dumb and she's. Given him an ultimatum and if he doesn't get help she will end the marriage according to the source who told. -- a party is ignoring parents whole war. I don't know I don't know what that deal is between these two I think and bottom line issue wanted to get help in this is dealing with that she can figure out that everybody wants -- get help and ridiculously.

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{"id":20314798,"title":"Jon Gosselin Lives in a Cabin and Waits Tables","duration":"3:44","description":"The former star of \"Jon and Kate Plus Eight\" lives a simple life.","url":"/WNN/video/jon-gosselin-lives-cabin-waits-tables-20314798","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}