Jonah Hill Issues an Apology

After being harassed by a photographer, the actor used a gay slur.
4:35 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Jonah Hill Issues an Apology
You start the skinny with an apology from Jonah Hill twenty to jump street star has admitted that he used an anti gay slur against photographer in Los Angeles over the weekend. He and held out says he's sorry for using what he calls a disgusting word. He said the photographer had been following him around all day thing really hurtful things and it just lost his cool we'll hear more from Jonas coming up on Good Morning America. Next up Lindsay Lohan mother Dina her driver's license has been suspended for a year that is the final penalty she was hit with yesterday after being busted for. Drunk driving back from last December that the September Steve. That's when the Lohan that was caught doing the 77 in a feat he filed -- 55 mile an -- -- For the blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit she's already done a hundred hours community service and we'll pay a fine along with other stipulations before leaving court. The -- told the judge it won't happen again let's hope so hard he compiled this one under -- just when you think you've seen it -- A possible new reality -- still in development focusing on people proof wait for slapped with celebrities. -- yes that's called I slept with a celebrity. This is reportedly being developed by Brothers Andy -- and each episode will have to guest who will tell all about their celebrity hookups that no network has picked it up get. Improve how they they've got -- -- like -- pretty that you want and say you know -- had had left on time this one but yet how would they -- There would be lots of kind of legal I don't know that there's some snow slides out they're gone oh man. And -- Evil there's some people want not our new term that claimed to be in the club hello Maria -- -- anything about that. A new role of Bradley -- Movement on where his good looks will not be the folks know the -- play the elephant. Man on Broadway star as a severely disfigured the nineteenth century englishman struggling to live with dignity the elephant man first premiered. And Broadway in 197913. Tony Awards including best play get a production opens in November and will play a limited engagement through. January and should be quite an interesting little. Now out of a couple of reports this morning -- that twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson. May be tapped to play Indiana Jones that is if Disney parent company decides to bring back the franchise. Of course there are those in Hollywood that say the original Indiana Harrison Ford is not too old to bring the roll back to life but the night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pressure Indiana Jones continue the series until everybody had passed some of the time you know that's the -- to answer to and then right he's been doing so many movies Harrison Ford he's really busy -- little old male. Arts and music news starting with fifty cent the rapper -- The rapper and pitching sensation is out with a new album called animal and patient. It's getting lukewarm reviews at best of but -- -- binding through Apple's iTunes store isn't cutting edge enough for you city. As a solution for you can buy the album -- think -- The digital currency that doesn't require -- bank. Just check out shopping dot fifty cent dot com and go from there there was the GMA concert series. Speaking -- -- albums check out this amazing transformation. That's she -- conference. She has apparently come a long way from that ninety's grunge look nothing compares few days now -- -- expect cover art. For her upcoming album I'm not vause C I'm -- off of virtually unrecognizable. Make over the 47 year old -- Has covered up her tattoos apparently dropped a few pounds and backed up her image. I -- -- -- -- -- album title is taken from Sheryl Sandberg to ban policy campaign to empower young women. As leaders. It's always been really pretty she looks great the housing look at some celebrity birthdays Academy Award nominated actor Bruce -- turned 78. Actress and singer Michelle Phillips for the mom and -- let's turns seventy actor Russell Brand is 39 today. Angelina Jolie 39. Happy very -- to all. All right coming up a solution to life's most common and frustrating problems. Trashing your Smartphone will be right back.

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{"id":23985153,"title":"Jonah Hill Issues an Apology","duration":"4:35","description":"After being harassed by a photographer, the actor used a gay slur.","url":"/WNN/video/jonah-hill-issues-apology-23985153","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}