Juan Pablo Goes Home on 'The Bachelor'

Juan Pablo meets the families of the final three potential partners.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Juan Pablo Goes Home on 'The Bachelor'
For a welcome back through time -- would talk bachelor the one problem making his hometown visits last night here to tell us all about it world news now senior bachelor analysts. Jack you're not making your grant and. And -- -- no horrible -- from back from Sochi and ready to go. Thank god we were there was so it is at a hotel visits last night for women sort of program we start with Nickie in Kansas City. There they are. They eat some barbecue they eventually get to nick his parents' house there's -- there's flowers there's kisses everybody gets along. It's all good -- Her hometown Atlanta and -- fire guns when you go to Atlanta then they got home that's her father. Who is. Let's say skeptical. There were some concerns there but. Juan Pablo survives the visit. No really big deal not exactly sure that's gonna go down Woolsey and his dad's name. -- -- It's strange -- put on Sarasota Florida that is Ben. Who is -- his son. They get to her house they're having a good time. She never gets to say I love you before it gets back in the vehicle will -- that could come back to hold -- could come back to haunt their. We'll see don't goes then there's Claire Sacramento. California. They get home. She declares got a lot of sisters. Player's sister Laura takes -- cue from. This is brother. Remember that weirdness yes she just gets crazy door in this whole thing standing in the shadows. As saying weird things. You get the idea Clair and Juan Pablo. Okay goes pretty well we'll see what happens kids count. Kids count some other counts shortlist to 02 -- three the kids count stops that. For. Women got a kiss last night we get to the rose ceremony. Comes down to two people. Is an -- is it grenade. It's -- -- today is gone. Our -- rent a house didn't we got the tissues out here -- or have a difficult time all that's holy god. Probably until to get out of here three people left -- -- Andy tonight Saint Lucia there's going to be hijinks. In the fantasy suite. Before you -- hold on tight. -- -- wary of predicting now that I think it's I think I'm gonna say this on national television Juan Pablo. Not get one -- -- nobody didn't want of these but who netted the winner in the end. Nobody nobody nobody get that's usually put them on the record OK I don't want the record and now father out of here stays intact due. Even -- -- -- seems a little bit -- than usual lines bummed about our next nobody -- gala in the late late night TV news there at the new guy and down Saturday Night Live head writer and weekend update anchor Seth Meyers took over as host of late night says 1230 slot recently vacated by Jimmy Fallon. First she wrote an on air think you -- to -- promising completely original comedy pieces. Now what followed is pretty much the formula beginning with an opening monologue and -- walking segment on Ben diagrams fellow at Chanel alarm Amy Poehler was Meyer's first guest and vice president Joseph Biden was the second. May take awhile for the shoe to -- Hi my eyes and his great championship Jimmy Kimmel he may be staying up late watching our show little bit like some new parents -- first revealing the impending birth news. During a taping of the Ellen show which airs tomorrow. Kim already has two kids in their early twenties from a previous marriage but it is his first child with his new -- Who also happens to be that Cole head of creditor at this shell -- in this one he's -- he looks really. Oh yeah -- case -- -- the big announcement on GMA a familiar face will be back in the ballroom for season eighteen of Dancing With The Stars. Erin Andrews will be hosting -- -- Tom Bergeron on Twitter she said she's very excited especially because no one will be yelling at her for not pointing her toes. The box where those took third place when she was a contestant back -- -- ten. The -- -- will be revealed on GMA next Tuesday and that -- in fact. March 17. That when I don't Martin. Good morning yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Juan Pablo meets the families of the final three potential partners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22660526","title":"Juan Pablo Goes Home on 'The Bachelor'","url":"/WNN/video/juan-pablo-bachelor-recap-22660526"}