July 4th: Great Grilling and Beverage Tips

"America's Chief Entertaining Officer" Tim Laird gives grilling and cocktail tips for the holiday.
4:17 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for July 4th: Great Grilling and Beverage Tips
Here we are getting ready for July 4 and that means of course fireworks. And cooking on the grill and who better to provide us with grilling tips and admired America's chief entertaining officer. An author of that book everybody needs that's entertaining Tim welcome back it's -- great laid -- -- here all Diana always fun it is likely to and what better person to talk to us about the right things to do on July 4 and you an -- starting with. But man what part a got him exactly Hewlett. One thing that's what about grilling as you can who enjoyed a refreshment -- -- -- -- that's relevant brilliantly here's here's a really easy look very refreshing light. This is what it called the -- blue laminate very easy in a glass with ice about announcement half. And this has been plenty of mango vodka which is -- it really wonderful it smells like the mango I mean that's the one thing about just them fresh mango to -- about three ounces eliminate those in. And then the blue part this is blue raspberry syrup -- alcohol -- But it's a wonderful blue raspberry flavored chocolate raspberry boom it to us that goes -- A little lemon garnish around there dairy goats here serious ever -- about it later. -- Wow that is that Annika raspberry Atlanta even without the -- with -- elect here's some tips. Now what I do is up -- front grilling chicken pork or or meets I want to marinate a little bit in Justin in it and zip -- -- any sort. You can put a little bit of Italian dressing with a little soy sauce and hasn't -- -- just a little bit of time it's done or it's easy. Installations. Now here's another -- what you wanna do is take this out -- -- about 45 minutes to let it. Come to room temperature is when you put on the grill you -- -- -- -- to original really has a nice year to what otherwise of his goes on -- old. It's not gonna -- -- intellectually steam itself -- is trying to get warmed up. The door about overseas -- because half of its gonna stay on the grill -- wanna really don't worry about overseas in about -- as -- the other. And got a great seasoning rub and actually if by the viewers wanted to want to the world -- now FaceBook the whole recipes are easy great for everything from chicken. According rivers well that's how many people out there and I know I'm one of them had no idea how to make -- rob what do you put it no clue this is -- -- -- -- -- at bargain -- we -- we put all in that we believe -- anything out so it's it won't be a secret anymore but -- -- -- White Sox -- got -- and that goes right on this under the -- that would want to do -- let it sit there a lot of people start playing around with it snow let it says there for about. Three to five minutes from the inside the fake. When it's hearing in -- you hear that -- that's what you want it when it's done. Taken up real let it rest of the Jews is actually go back into the pavement trying trying just to see how good that marinate -- exit -- -- -- rates -- down. There you go a little here is so let rest for about ten minutes cut it -- and is -- rates. Lot of flavor going on I'll tell you this only this ordinance that the Italians it's the thing it's that he marinate and that so that in conjunction. Big flavors and the -- on the that I say it's a must. So that's delicious big exactly how -- -- some fun cool tools and here's what I think by the what you want long tongs and here's why. I see all these people that are grilling in the reaching over there. On on the hot grill in the burned home size of their arms that if you get -- long -- You have to put your arm under the -- that's nothing -- want to have if you're grilling for July right exactly. -- don't tell what they need here's a real cool told this is a wireless thermometer basically what you're doing you put this into the -- -- -- -- cooking. And -- shall Oppenheim she can tell you what temperature your -- always know thanks now but the -- -- bachelor as a big things I didn't expect -- -- people usually get almost the peninsula the hamburgers while apartment off. That's -- as the big if I don't act he's is a wonderful thing also be grow up now. I know that your husband loves to grill oh yes he -- so we got him a little president. Here is -- always all -- my husband has pledged little world. News now -- official grilling aides wrecked it Alex of -- -- Gonna give it a try before handed out tonight and it works although it's it's -- so this is critical. -- -- -- -- -- That's evident that we are appreciated and you -- that. Once again to hear it here so let's cheers everybody out there having parents in -- once again America's -- entertaining officer thank you always for coming in.

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{"id":19562249,"title":"July 4th: Great Grilling and Beverage Tips","duration":"4:17","description":"\"America's Chief Entertaining Officer\" Tim Laird gives grilling and cocktail tips for the holiday.","url":"/WNN/video/july-4th-great-grilling-beverage-tips-19562249","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}