Junior's Serves Up Fried Chicken

Best known for cheesecake, the Brooklyn eatery shares its 60-year-old chicken recipe.
3:45 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Junior's Serves Up Fried Chicken
My favorite guilty pleasures that I'm sure one of yours and yours yep I'm great piece of -- union and that's right we -- our digital news associate Amanda van -- to junior's restaurant to get the famous finger -- fried chicken restaurant. We're here engineers restaurant today Brooklyn New York what little -- how to make fried chicken now I know engineers as famous usually for their cheesecake but that they were gonna learn something a little bit different. I am so excited until we believe brought to you. So loud enough to put traffic back get a birthday on an orderly great fraction of that -- -- -- we're gonna make the -- and we're gonna make a rather. For -- will be useful lives. And how many exactly right hander is five -- back. And how much nothing that I believe -- popular. All purpose flour affect capital for the quarter -- formidable -- -- -- with the coaches off. A little before October ordinary and makes -- altogether. Now we're gonna make. The flour -- that would be used to -- -- -- all purpose flour little cajun seasons of -- after physical force bicycle reform. We'll -- and got a little black pepper. -- -- -- -- -- -- News of their cars and water and put got a little better but since. It was addressed the right here. -- -- -- -- -- Returns. A granderson grounds for. I don't know about side down first -- If you wanted to stick your life and if she -- juices run clear so when juices run clear. So the -- -- is about to happen then we heard -- statement. But this -- on the famous diet and -- -- Mac and cheese -- very traditional -- from its citizens review. -- -- -- -- -- No no. -- -- They're sophomores juniors is superior repayment for their cheese steak. Yes whenever anything -- whatever resources you. And I that this piece you know who -- I mean -- -- about the cheesecake but that. I don't know about the chicken and -- -- -- -- -- The Cadillac I'm really excited about this week this attract countries that got a written all have. Ed -- that community engineer and second. -- food cheesecake. Check back the house. Strawberry. Cheese pie man beautiful strawberries on -- enormous by the lack pumpkin a conceit outlined in December survey -- -- This is a -- and Latin. Just regular -- -- which by the way I must say while everything is delicious on this platter. Just a regular plain cheesecake all -- your best thing that they make it sound delicious. Wait Smith fried chicken is amazing as well it totally amazed -- on the inside it's -- inflationary outside just -- I hope we're making a -- I -- is this television. -- that pretty Islamic fat -- every time there's an element. -- inside and just but sometimes it's good to be us right. It's Friday that we are adding that in delicious -- thank you Amanda thank you for that report.

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{"id":20468056,"title":"Junior's Serves Up Fried Chicken","duration":"3:45","description":"Best known for cheesecake, the Brooklyn eatery shares its 60-year-old chicken recipe.","url":"/WNN/video/juniors-serves-fried-chicken-20468056","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}