Justin Bieber Investigated for Attempted Robbery

The pop singer, 20, has not been arrested in latest brush with the law.
3:00 | 05/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Investigated for Attempted Robbery
Toughest hit it once again Justin -- making headlines this time -- under investigation for attempted robbery you believe this according to DMZ beaver and some pals got into an altercation with some people -- a miniature golf park in Southern California. But when the troubled pop star noticed a woman reaching for her cell -- he demanded she give it to him so -- -- pictures she might have snapped. She refused and then she says he grabbed the phone right out of her purpose of course police are now investigating. We have new details -- -- apparent feud inside of music's first family -- video rapper Jay-Z getting attacked by his sister lost salons inside in New York City elevator has been fueling all kinds of speculation over. What exactly provoked the assault and why did beyoncé and apparently to step back and do nothing. We'll -- TMC which broke the story Jane Meehan for lunch hour. Jewelry shopping yesterday in Manhattan showing no signs of tension whatsoever and still there is no official word. From anyone in -- -- said earlier I don't know where ever gonna get to the bottom of this one. You know there's a source said that she's Illinois bonds has been known to kind of blow up in the past and -- a little volatile when it comes as little changed. As we watch this video. Little subtle adult tens of flying units in the jewelry shopping you feel like that's just little damage control I -- drive under I think the alliance is trying to find the biggest watch she can afford to -- had GGP. Kevin didn't -- we feel a little better -- I don't let it be nice watch and -- literally yeah all right looks like Alec Baldwin left his temper get the best of him again. Was charged with disorderly conduct after police stopped him from riding his bicycle against traffic -- sources say the actor -- -- ruling and started person after the officers asked a variety. That's what he was arrested and hauled away in a squad car. Baldwin -- on -- rant on Twitter saying this is awesome New York City is out mismanaged. Carnival clubs who created. I don't complain that cops. Nothing about photographers hounding him he's due in court to -- courtside New York City isn't mismanaged. -- of student hated me. That's exactly Shakespeare -- that is wonderful that don't just get it off with half comes up with a they've got just be around to my cocktail parties to hear what he says about -- a couple of people standing by -- loses it. Brian Cranston who may have played a -- guy on TV but he must be pretty nice to the real life. First is -- -- White boys to help record. A problem invite for a seventeen year old California boy -- boy visiting New York of course. Also idea that he blew the boys -- and their mom says New York a couple of weekends ago the -- attended -- since current Broadway play into other shows. Truly nice guy yeah. -- very nice. All right next up some of what you'll be seeing here on ABC this coming fall -- yesterday or network unveiled its fall -- -- which includes a dozen new series one of them is from Grey's -- producer Shawn Ryan's. And it's called how to get away with murder starting starring Viola Davis has a law professor to get out. I'm not to be teaching you how to study the law and theorize about it. But rather how to practice -- -- cold room like a real lawyer every year -- All right with a trailer goes on to promise sex lies and murder. How to get away with murder will air Thursday night at ten. Tuesdays at 830 will be a comedy called Manhattan love story -- -- features a blind date with plenty of inner monologues -- provide the characters' inner -- thoughts and a thriller series called the whisper -- is among the shows that will that you can't see. -- in the fall some aliens are apparently involved in the series is on the same executive producer as under the dome all of our fall premiere dates will be announced in Iraq. There you -- it. It's the you know -- we have a very happy announcement from actors. Don't think he and Emily -- the couple have officially introduce their new baby tweeting out this photo of their three month old daughter hazel. -- tells Vogue Magazine quote it's really the coolest thing that's ever happened to make. Congratulations. Should band music cutie isn't yet she is.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The pop singer, 20, has not been arrested in latest brush with the law.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23709118","title":"Justin Bieber Investigated for Attempted Robbery","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-investigated-attempted-robbery-23709118"}