Justin Bieber Makes Major Announcement About His Future

Justin Bieber tells a radio station that he is considering retiring from music.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Makes Major Announcement About His Future
Firebombs it's my last ever stealing everyone's favorite segment sit we have some good second fatal especially get a good one here Justin Bieber. My favorite -- so -- He went on -- Africa a radio show recently -- and made some very big announcements about his future what the nineteen year old is going to do next. Take a list currently. Now the new album it was so with the new album -- names in the gates was threatened with some new album. -- actually. From the -- man now. Government you can't graduate now -- -- -- -- who -- but it from a -- and I'm taking I'm taking. From disorientation to I think I'm -- -- -- music. -- and -- You know. What was I don't know Billy -- says he is leaving the music game in his nineteen years old so he's gonna retire. Just take some time for himself what he was skeptical saying this a publicity ploy for in the next album and it isn't really sure what else could be doing nothing in job you know. Carrying the highlight of Wal-Mart -- you know -- what's -- -- -- who knows we'll -- it was a real or not but sorry -- Eugene Robert -- your voice can be called it -- Yeah I don't think some sunglasses inside and the rest of the employees did you see the guy in the background looking that in my lack of momentum. -- -- It we're or in these cameras are non I would but still but -- -- a retirement it's a little a little temporary reprieve the the ninety year or two off -- Is there no way yes look at moving to. Dwayne the rock Johnson apparently according to Forbes has been named 2013 top earning movie star checked him out it's like come from -- this guy -- with huge. But he does movies all the time he had five movies out in 2013. Six GI Joseph retaliation been gain fast -- -- six for a combined total of one point three billion dollars in global ticket sales across the. Well you smell what Barack is currently in -- hours over the rockets making well done -- Also got to -- last game at my favorite person of all time highs in the -- -- and my ex wife yes he's back. The news. She posted this picture covers six little daughter remembered northwest northwest called Noory. But there are some push back listening symbol of the patients and looks like that little girl had her eyebrows lax -- -- -- can't let. Had the babies eyebrow -- and settle this whole firestorm of social media have -- posted the picture yadda yadda I don't know judge for yourself too little too young to mean painful. -- have a hard time believing any mom look at their kids or something like that even as vain as Kim Kardashian is. Don't we talk about my baby like that love you forever Kim. --

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{"id":21257801,"title":"Justin Bieber Makes Major Announcement About His Future","duration":"3:00","description":"Justin Bieber tells a radio station that he is considering retiring from music.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-makes-major-announcement-future-21257801","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}