Justin Bieber Unwelcomed; Alec Baldwin Quits Public Life

Angry residents hold protests against Justin Bieber's new digs while Alec Baldwin calls it quits.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Unwelcomed; Alec Baldwin Quits Public Life
-- -- The team's tight ends and leave. May be -- a mansion in Atlanta. But as prospective neighbors -- not have any part of it. Angry residents in the affluent neighborhood of Buckhead are holding a protest this morning outside what may become -- -- the new digs a -- Justin Bieber moving to Buckhead FaceBook page has been created. And has already garnered hundreds. But supporters in the nineteen year old superstar is also persona non Grata in his California neighborhood of Calabasas where he's accused of dragging -- neighbor south remember all those. Instances where he was allegedly speeding through the neighborhood -- -- Johnson even confront -- a mall one of these things apparently. Well is also taking the high ground in Atlanta tweeting I will continue to meet hate. With love you know this is what happens when you get a bad reputation. Exactly and it's kind of went after another Atlanta and -- -- -- -- -- In that California community I cannot blame those neighbors I wouldn't can't imagine living answered yes I mean I wouldn't want sports car running hundred miles into my neighborhood which is what some of the neighbors there in California were alleging -- -- -- so it. We're moving -- to Alec Baldwin -- for the first time -- saying he is done with public life and in a very long -- in New York magazine titled. I give up. Baldwin denies being homophobic -- that part of his latest trends stemming from a run in with the photographer here in New York late last year the photographer accused Coleman of using an anti gay slur but Coleman denies doing so. Among the other revelations in Baldwin's -- he says he can't live in the Big Apple anymore because it's full of paparazzi and people with camera phones that invade his privacy. He says he has to move his family and Los Angeles from -- privacy. And he says he despises the media and the way he didn't think possible. Lastly Baldwin says his essay is the last time he's going to talk about his personal life in an American publication. And or can -- please -- -- to that. Never say never I gotta feeling he's gonna move back to New York Sunday and we're gonna hear a -- from. Chelsea -- that -- people with Smartphones taking pictures in. Los Angeles you have these you know these gated communities is walled communities we have a little more protection at least when your -- your home I'm guessing. Isn't this more changes -- CNN's piers Morgan's primetime show has been canceled because of low ratings. Former tabloid editor in the UK Morgan took over for Larry King three years ago Morgan told the New York time at CNN's audience has tired of hearing a breakaway and on American cultural issues. Not clear when the last show will air or whether Morgan will remain at Siena and anyone a lot of time to take a break in my office and -- -- -- I I. Watch ABC programs to but I watched some CNN sometimes and I've come to enjoy it gives Morgan -- -- -- -- -- late night -- so that's a shame. -- -- a former Food Network star Paula -- on the other hand is on the rise at a food festival in Miami Beach this weekend she -- across the stage. On the back of another Food Network star Robert Irvine telling the crowd she is quote. Back and sat. Back in the saddle hey there all right last -- -- lost her show and endorsements worth millions of dollars. For former employee accused her of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. But earlier this month she announced that a private investment firm is investing more than 75 million dollars to finance -- -- And I just want my machine out his back still don't get. Topping the -- bonus -- Miley Cyrus pushing the limits of -- again in the middle of her performance here in Los Angeles this weekend. She goes and -- -- good friend to kiss. They really good smooch that friend. Very good news great. Diane command post at the moment I'm in sticker and they had this shocking anymore -- -- or not that -- -- -- five years ago shocking moment. He had I think -- us. -- another thing to get some attention yeah. Right afterward that -- graduated out another photo -- -- even Miley. Seemed to be a little surprised at what she's just done Katie covered her mouth and she. Added the words I -- that do you Miley Cyrus so good friends may be very very good. I don't know that's not how I -- my buddies. Well aren't very good performance that -- you on TV in there and gets in the magazines. I think I would imagine there. Just friends -- -- sent -- -- evolved from the boy from the girls to the boys and the rumor. The product -- -- John -- hi my daughter loves this -- won the election and is rumored that one direction is breaking up this morning word that it isn't true old west sees me they're staying together. GMC reports that band members are doing some solo writing and comparing notes for what will be the final versions. A new song plus -- -- from a British newspaper that -- just taken some time off to his family in the new rehearsing again soon the biggest group they are staying together. They still hold three more Al all contractors Simon Cowell owns labels in no way they can break that deal. Simon is a master these guys are huge and Simon is the man. And -- -- -- now why he had to -- a great. Did they ever really nice voices but with a good eyesight hearing fan it like that -- but I think closet pattern are at a potential yeah. I just six days until the Oscars by the way and there was a another big awards show this weekend the NAACP. Image awards. Oprah was there and get it the opportunity to snap but she says is her first -- feet looks -- maybe she is little -- -- When asked whether -- isn't it Mandela along walk to freedom to start Idris Elba. I'm effort I guess when you're running for effort -- made racial snaps in the bar as you know and maybe actually get her whole face -- their next time yeah. All right let's take a Luxembourg -- this morning celebrity birthdays movie and TV actor Hayden go to. Very much alive 93 years -- of the fish who wanted to look at. -- up celebrate 567 Sex and the City Charlotte Kristin Davis -- 49. Happy birthday and you yes.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Angry residents hold protests against Justin Bieber's new digs while Alec Baldwin calls it quits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22645330","title":"Justin Bieber Unwelcomed; Alec Baldwin Quits Public Life","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-unwelcomed-alec-baldwin-quits-public-life-22645330"}