Justin Bieber Is Ready to Go to Space

Justin Bieber signs up to fly on Richard Branson's suborbital Virgin Galactic flight.
3:25 | 06/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Is Ready to Go to Space
-- I just immediately. Out of this world -- soon to be anyway -- signs on the fly into space but Richard Branson's virgin galactic enterprise. As many may even shoot a music video they -- great to hear Justin Bieber does managers -- that was according to -- and in between good -- up there. Bieber tweeted back he joins approximately 600 people paid 200000 bucks. To -- sub orbital ride on spaceship two -- a rocket powered six passenger space vehicle -- -- currently the altitude of 62 miles generally considered. Because about a space Leo DiCaprio Ashton -- other celebrities who also signed up. I had to be young and rich and an analyst Tim -- money desired. That -- bad enough that when these sort of cool there's I spend a lot of money and let them Justin. -- Christina we told you about her yesterday being evicted because she's making too much noise in her neighbor's -- to. Get the gun from her Georgia apartment well she's lashing out saying that that is not true she just felt like her neighbors were always in her business and she wanted to do that like they were looking to get some kind of media attention so they laughed looking for bigger and better things not because they were kicked out of their apartment. -- is making too much noise that the neighbors since but right now could have been an. Other she is a way jealous nick according her boyfriend her. Really weird adopted brother turned boyfriend -- -- -- stranger be beyond belief. Do you remember she left this really nasty letter -- her neighbors saying thank you for making your heart your heart you are miserable couple and always will -- -- -- honored to have such a beautiful and successful. Couple living we've got on top -- -- just until honors Bonner to have me living -- you -- now about a casino is really talented and successful. But -- that was mom yes boy what. She ever let -- -- a sexy new TV commercial it has been banned in Britain for being. -- -- and sexist to women. When you get paid just listen all the things -- ads for web hosting service crazy domains features the 45 year old former Baywatch babe. -- company boss hold a meaningful man. With the analysis and -- dream sequence of one of the men fantasizing about Anderson how -- this -- -- you go bikinis. Splashing around in cream of the man stepped -- the fantasy league rules the female assistants cleavage as she pours some coffee. Advertising standards authority bandit and said that it was sexist and degrading to women and went like -- -- bigger threat. Did you think is usually -- there are less brutal than we are -- what -- it's that kind of thing I -- as a woman I can see you know who wants to be -- embarrassing watching. Your -- -- -- kids see how that's a little bit too much but -- -- signed up for the other -- signed up or they didn't think it was Texas and trying to sell five. Some events so why. Can't really quickly my paris' little brother is making is not only debut bracing fire is. He has signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models contracts there you seen. Him and car pulling in around. Permanency picture of this kind of normal looking kid in the and really cute Cyrus. So he. Nineteen years old and he's going to be an action for -- -- security money.

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{"id":19345753,"title":"Justin Bieber Is Ready to Go to Space","duration":"3:25","description":"Justin Bieber signs up to fly on Richard Branson's suborbital Virgin Galactic flight.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-world-19345753","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}