Justin Timberlake Fires Back at Kanye in Song?

The singer's change to "Suit and Tie" lyrics was seen as a diss to one of his critics, Kanye West.
3:20 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Justin Timberlake Fires Back at Kanye in Song?
Already well I'm lucky middle. Properly nor does my friend over here was on Saturday you probably didn't see -- haven't heard about Justin Timberlake performance -- us now it was in credible alternative is great it was great it was a wonderful not only did he have often -- and saying -- dancing to the whole thing it was his fifth time performing hung. And it don't end up like this like losing a loved. The you know that's -- -- it was an excellent -- there was happened during his performance of his -- anti that was just is interesting yeah. -- -- Sometime -- -- Honeywell has just started a little bit of -- field with Justin Timberlake. What he's one of his performance is what I got love for hollow which is -- in the eighth. But I hate the lanky man with suit and tie which happens to be the name of justice so -- -- -- -- And she didn't -- to stage on SNL and shot back at -- -- us. That's all right it's online now he's been there was my heat so -- got act. Actor at the rappers acting dramatic oh but that's not change the lyrics of his original sunk to listen to what his original -- -- Bad and -- -- he doesn't have to go and drop -- Day yet -- strident -- did -- nice is very happy and I get to. -- west believe -- -- Some totally crashed. The awards -- against JC. Just you don't think we can make six statement whatever they don't it is backed away -- -- that needs to -- rarely -- to Joseph six anyway. -- also Jennifer Capriati back in the news is easy with the tennis phenom burst on the scene at thirteen years old. Like -- really great runs a couple of years and then really had some -- No trouble she got arrested for marijuana possession. And shoplifting -- -- before she then became the world's number one fought her way back. But then she quit again overdose of prescription Mets back in 2010 now and apparently even though where people are disputing -- they're saying there's an arrest warrant out for her now. Anderson allegedly punched her boyfriend in the chest at a -- on Valentine's Day to think I'm pretty messy had to get broken up my yoga instructor also according to the report. -- -- -- -- -- Has harassed him -- his work fifteen times in one day back in January said that -- the job back on the windows. Jennifer back in hot mess but again our people dispute there's actually been an arrest warrant issued stay tuned. Different people have different ways of showing that hey -- -- did not looking great. Fairly quickly if -- how Rodriguez who is the son. -- family -- -- got it was apparently set to make I didn't think he did 181000 dollars per episode in the -- -- for another. Steve didn't fourteen year old making it -- -- boy big money --

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{"id":18701624,"title":"Justin Timberlake Fires Back at Kanye in Song?","duration":"3:20","description":"The singer's change to \"Suit and Tie\" lyrics was seen as a diss to one of his critics, Kanye West.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-timberlake-fires-back-at-kanye-west-in-song-18701624","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}