Kanye West Compares Kim Kardashian to First Lady

Kanye West says that he and fiance Kim Kardashian are more influential than the Obamas.
2:51 | 10/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kanye West Compares Kim Kardashian to First Lady
-- -- Yeah Halloween edition yet -- without a few surprises but I'm gonna keep reading the story you get into the surprises Kanye West. They might have topped himself this time. He's -- himself in the same breath as Walt Disney Michael Jordan Jesus Christ now talking -- Ryan Seacrest on there was Ryan Seacrest very nice Kanye West says that he is them. As influential maybe along with Kim as the president and Michelle Obama he says -- -- don't let Obama is wearing he said Michelle Obama got instant Graham a pick like my girlfriend Lindsey Graham the other day he might have a point on that when checked out that we're back to Kanye West. He also had this great ones said she. It doesn't matter like how people get really hung up on the -- -- things but I'm the best that's the bottom. It. I cannot I cannot deal with him I can't start into that was almost able to deal with her because she was just. Yes you know what sex tape and that became famous but I can do with her -- -- enjoy this while you read and I really feel it -- penetrates you this next story away at minute. -- can tell you this great stuff Katy Perry has topped her self debuted at number one her album prism. Topping that billboard 200 chart Natalie -- -- -- a record for the largest sales week 2013. In the heart of -- To her is her print them -- not -- features. So they're looking into the floor she also talked to my entire satellite -- You can't just get them -- close doing yeah seven comeback. How god next up the Jonas Brothers they explain their break up to Robin Roberts on GMA yesterday and -- -- they had this. But now welcome to a place after a lot of time. Thinking about it and and and talk about together where where we feel like where were best suited to. Do our own individual things all things are passionate about and choose to be Brothers first. That's good advice there RC three solo albums and I see him reunion -- already don't you to me in that update in say that. Certainly had a good run and we wish them -- Very really quickly by the way Karen watching Kidd is pregnant -- -- scenes. -- hit its series Gandalf she married her husband's secret wedding by the way back is about four months ago. His name and -- the some money is -- is the 49ers cornerback. Another pregnancy her wedding it's not going to be a secret to -- -- him to Yankee bats secret. Every Mattingly earlier will -- happy Halloween seasoning and he you can't make it happen for us will hasn't said a word online because -- Brian -- was. -- -- -- anything. That might qualify for -- Yeah.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Kanye West says that he and fiance Kim Kardashian are more influential than the Obamas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20737248","title":"Kanye West Compares Kim Kardashian to First Lady","url":"/WNN/video/kanye-west-compares-kim-kardashian-lady-20737248"}