Kate Upton Heats Up Sports Illustrated Again

The magazine's swimsuit issue features the 20-year-old model for the second year in a row.
2:36 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Kate Upton Heats Up Sports Illustrated Again
-- -- -- -- -- -- this thread dedicated to the commissioner I know this is very near and dear to his car. Tickets for the first time to develop McPherson -- and back in 1986 to 1988. So what else is now gracing consecutive covers of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It is their big city -- it's a big cover ahead of the city rewrote it didn't. Is back probably -- They're -- I don't know she's twenty years old geology out there in the you know continue to be cold with her but it's not -- -- -- -- -- to death. The polar caps -- wonderful. Self congratulation -- -- beautiful young girl. Twice you know what I love her because she is angry old woman getting -- she's just she's not too big not too. Yes just as she is she's been proportionate. In every kind of -- could knows it better myself Paris my eyes yeah. About rock solid body so anyway. That is magazine has just released -- of the fourteenth biggest celebrity couples out there they just so happened to work out together and here is our list. Jessica be. And Justin Timberlake in Maine the essence magazine that mullah but she isn't what Chevrolet and yes he -- did little like blithely -- will read all of the all of though he had some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Topping the list so the other two -- -- -- that these two topless Ryan Seacrest and -- hot now she's a dancer so of course she's in shape. But he obviously does it just hang out and I Carolina shirtless I have no idea really. She's got. The shares -- it was usually American Idol fame I was that are big claim to think W you -- start Dancing With The Stars -- capital was our ever all the Meredith Smith. Must be a fun time for all those militants they get a -- Zell -- Supermodel -- the patriots quarterback Tom Brady she released to pick on Twitter showing her new baby girl look that. Love is everything happy Friday much loved dolls which he put on her Twitter and so we -- I was the first to have. Images of the baby from the family's trip to Hawaii she's 35 years old. Gave birth at home why in Boston on December the fifth personnel and other Healthwatch today today they'll bounce back fast -- and yes -- -- --

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{"id":18462324,"title":"Kate Upton Heats Up Sports Illustrated Again","duration":"2:36","description":"The magazine's swimsuit issue features the 20-year-old model for the second year in a row.","url":"/WNN/video/kate-upton-heats-sports-illustrated-18462324","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}