Katy Perry and John Mayer Break Up

After breaking up in August and reconciling, the relationship is reportedly over again.
4:11 | 03/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katy Perry and John Mayer Break Up
Welcome to the city everybody and we -- it is sad news from star as we have a break up to tell you about Katy Perry and John -- had apparently broken up. I didn't notice idea I had no idea to critic called it quits back in August. -- they made up in September. And the continued today for the past seven months but now a source has confirmed to -- news that they are once again have broken up. Blacks there -- a little caveat to all of this -- anomalies in the US weekly. -- -- I think the us weekly is reporting. -- and that a source tells and it's not over until it's over you have to see how things play out she is leaving the door open. Right now they both have been so focused on the work so -- what does that really. -- says the SARS in a matter you know in this case can be to protect them both great songwriters and musicians so you wonder if there's going to be some kind of break -- See each -- a little bit or something. You actually get together and say let's write the song -- for each other right -- -- personally Exxon right there who -- but you know I don't -- so many of them. -- anti love songs out there about him. So maybe it's time that they -- Love stockpile the stuff about this sub prime season that coming up about two forward that one -- -- high school senior from guide. Obviously where he's from well find that in a minute but anyway -- shooting for the stars he's asking for swimsuit model Kate Upton if you can believe that -- Dick Davidson -- and online campaigning -- Kate Upton accompanying them. To the big dance he can put a -- out there listen up. Let me I'm -- drive. Should announce he's an LA -- -- he knows all about good sales pitch there and -- -- -- matching shades. He says he works out showers gets dressed and that's Butler -- things around. Yet the strict 11 PM curfew small on -- stay out too late with the switch Sims swimsuit cover girl for the word for -- but. Wow looking ahead everybody knows that can imagine now here's a question for DeVon nine year old daughter -- -- if she were to pull a stunt like this -- actually get the start to take her to prom. What's your letters to a passer 11 o'clock and -- positively because that she did run a million adults now you're gonna center. All because Kate Upton is an adult you're seeing it my daughter's that was some -- due. It's like Justin Timberlake -- she asks and he says okay we'll Justin Timberlake I honestly feel he's equality equality human being and I think I would trust in my make sure that Justin came and looked me in the -- what. Had an alcoholic saying. I would trust Justin. That is calls they -- miracle that. Today. If can case you missed one of the I don't know -- know how many at -- and does it. We have a new no Edinburgh to mug shot for a moment and she was in court yesterday she was booked at the Santa Monica police department for reckless driving and lying to a peace officer after slamming her car. Last summer. TMC says that she has chosen to do rehab not because she has that problem with -- substance of course not but because she is simply scared of jail this is the same person has spent some time in jail she also is concerned I'm. -- community service at a more. And once again she's in our headlines. So when it like it's not -- mug shot actually in terms of looks and the worst ones. Right Howard Stern. He's a late night not a big enough deal for him he said that he wants the Tonight Show Johnny Carson's former -- he says quote. Already contacted Matt Lauer about how to take over the tonight children -- Icahn told America's Got Talent judge joked. On -- Sirius XM radio show saying that the very idea of him taken over to -- post. He's an insult to -- -- Would be the greatest ever he was -- Iraq with how it was actually pretty funny I didn't hear what city -- director heard it said that. They would get Johnny out of ground didn't have to ground have like a weekend at Bernie's kind of thing where they get like. Use them as puppets and -- Palestine -- -- I am a little scared Howard in any capacity outside of -- radio -- cracks me up and tell you what AM every man and unmanned. Men love him he Mitchell laughed and even handed or we'll give -- that. -- I'm sure our thoughts and.

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{"id":18769911,"title":"Katy Perry and John Mayer Break Up","duration":"4:11","description":"After breaking up in August and reconciling, the relationship is reportedly over again.","url":"/WNN/video/katy-perry-john-mayer-break-18769911","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}