Kerry Washington an 'SNL' Sensation

"Scandal" actress appeared as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama on the NBC show.
3:32 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kerry Washington an 'SNL' Sensation
Welcome into the -- everyone -- one start with some pretty incredible video from last weekend's Saturday Night Live -- we did this story. Only about a week and a half ago. Others been rumblings on Saturday Night Live from cast members -- there's just not enough diversity in the cast. He -- came out and said you know I'm not doing any more famous black people because you need to hire female black people who are comedians are wonderful and they should be our -- -- Kerry Washington was the host and she poked fun at the fact that there are no black female comedians on the show opposition comes out. -- status. That was -- Joseph -- that was -- you know the girl was outrun sorry I couldn't quite -- -- we weren't going here. She is so -- -- ask -- so during the whole set she pretty much played every. Famous black woman out there from be -- Michelle Obama 20. Anyway it runs -- -- -- but at the very beginning of the show she plays the woman that she plays on -- I'll take a listen to this I was out. Last night -- -- club and I may have punched a bouncer. That you need to leave town immediately. Because I hit a bouncer no because you called -- club okay. Expect -- She I'll let itself in -- scandal and and she had to take care of this young woman's problem. Note to self don't ever say -- -- -- all right this is kind of weird Michelle Pfeiffer -- comes courtesy of the daily mail. Michelle -- years ago admits that she was part of what basically was a cult which taught that humans can exist without food and water. She explained that she became involved in this controlling couple when she first moved to Hollywood in their twenties and they believe in something called Brent Barry and -- some. And eventually she had error -- soon be husband help was was doing a movie in it that he played somebody in a cult and they did some research and you realize oh my goodness I'm like -- still. So she got back at an -- is a good thing Chris Sheridan that we need food and water right. That's kind of like one -- the basic Seattle I would think -- -- apparently start outfitted with an extreme diet and then eventually there's this belief that you get two point you can live on sunlight is very at any rate Michelle Pfeiffer made it out. -- doesn't this Katy Perry has -- -- -- most popular person on military yes she is steadily maintaining 2000 more. Hollow iron then the -- She as well over 146 them. AM follow -- just a neighbor is trailing just violent but finally laid -- that was a long time the queen of good there holding the crown since 2000 -- -- -- Apparently was surpassed by. -- in January. No OK not. McCarthy -- latest cover -- controversial cover girl -- controversy about that did -- magazine cover her own. She's a large French woman anyway she will not let alone she didn't seem too upset -- thing in basically. She really loved that -- let's hear. How how scarce when we have 3000 dollar home that's don't -- why why don't why don't own son leading. Tell us let -- keep the co yes I want -- Copeland who I really want a Coke. Justin talked about the hair which -- -- saying she -- -- that what you're seeing look the deadheads who look. And second strike.

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{"id":20777797,"title":"Kerry Washington an 'SNL' Sensation","duration":"3:32","description":"\"Scandal\" actress appeared as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama on the NBC show.","url":"/WNN/video/kerry-washington-snl-sensation-20777797","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}