Key races to watch today

Beto O'Rourke looks to become Texas' first Democratic senator in almost 25 years and two women fight to become Arizona's first female senator. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.
4:02 | 11/06/18

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Transcript for Key races to watch today
And from the early voting to the spending on political ads this mid term election. Is already one for the history books yes it is all right let's take a closer look now at that he races to watch tonight. In Texas overnight the candidates senator making their final pitches in Texas it is in our DNA it is in our character to defend liberty. Is it Texas a red state coming can hit a guard from El Paso, Texas. And we really this as Ted Cruz focuses final night of campaigning on border security his democratic challenger better or war. He rallied the crowd in his home city of El Paso ABC's Paul Ferris is there. The Mexican border is about a half mile from where we are right now congressman or tells me the city of El Paso has been one of the safest cities the last twenty years be content to city of emigrant and they haven't shared interests. In the community in Arizona two women vying to become the State's first female senators the Democrat Kirsten cinema and Republican Martha makes Sally. Both support the president's move to deploy troops to the border. Having support from our military men and women make sense in Arizona I'm border security I am working closely. President Jacques. In Florida another bitter battle to the finish Tallahassee mayor Andrew gill a miss hoping to become Florida's first democratic governor in 24 years. And the State's first black governor. His opponent the Republican congressman Ron Desantis. Was handpicked by trump the other big battle in the sunshine state is for the senate incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson facing a tough challenge from governor Rick Scott. ABC's with Johnson is in Tallahassee. The most recent polls out in Florida show both Democrats with a slight lead but it's all about turnout. And the party that wins Florida gets an influential advantage looking ahead to 2181 it. In Georgia the closely watched a race for governor has been plagued by allegations of voter suppression and racism Democrats Stacey Abrams could become the first black female governor in US history. Republican Brian Kemp who is also the secretary or state running the elections. Has launched an investigation accusing state democrats' of hacking into voter registrations. Without citing any evidence ABC's Steve Olson summary reports even after the ballots are counted tonight this race may not be over. Someone has to get to 50% of the vote and there is a libertarian candidate in this race a third candidate. If no one wins a simple majority. In this very tight race then a runoff election will be scheduled. For December. Meanwhile in Missouri another crucial race to determine control of the US senate polls show incumbent and Claire McCaskill. Holding a narrow lead over the Republican challenger Josh holly. Republicans are optimistic they'll keep control of the senate but in the house many polls show Democrats could take the majority tonight. Our Capitol Hill correspondent mayor Bruce spoke with David Muir AD BC's election headquarters about what's at stake if the house turns blue. If Democrats can take the house they are going to put the trap administration under an intense microscope the first thing I'm watching. The investigations they are going to demand to see president Tribe's tax returns and they're gonna Degan. Everything from conflicts of interest to questions about possible Russia collusion second thing to keep an eye on Robert Mueller Democrats are likely to take steps to try to protect the special counsel. The third big question impeachment Democrats are treading very carefully here don't expect them to bring that much they want to see what the special counsel has to scupper. Before they make any decision. Bottom line according to ABC news political director reclined this election is all about try. You're seeing house candidates in the suburbs and in urban areas across the country for being hurt by their association with president trump. And that could being white Democrats take it take over control the house meanwhile in the senate that the playing ground is so much more favorable for Republicans these are big red states. There's a lot to watch tonight hello the president has made immigration his top issue on the campaign trail health care could be the winning issue for Democrats tonight. Our recent poll found more voters trust Democrats on that issue. By fifty to 34%. Margin over the Republicans.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Beto O'Rourke looks to become Texas' first Democratic senator in almost 25 years and two women fight to become Arizona's first female senator. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58993322","title":"Key races to watch today","url":"/WNN/video/key-races-watch-today-58993322"}