Kids Climb for Candy

A viral video has kids climb up a doorway to get candy.
2:55 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Kids Climb for Candy
-- I attack -- -- everybody you know mom goes away and dad this goofy things with the kids the it's pretty -- -- and it's pretty good apparently the back in the game called. Candy challenge in this dad decided put candy -- the doorway tell us kids to go get -- -- -- -- -- -- younger brother. Three year old Logan. Just watch this. -- -- have a heart attack -- online who got eleventh hour. And the world. -- little got to get picked things up. But I do know there can be challenge. Spiderman. Kill your would you care if he came on the Vatican absolute lack. Physical game -- can't challenge everybody make your bed family came in your home and all. Let's understand that he can run out of things to keep them occupied and get them tired of -- can only challenge them to run around the house they have less than a minute but so many times before they get tired of that miracle -- without favoritism first time to ever climb part of Mount Everest he is -- -- -- -- around. They've been limping he. Was found abandoned in a -- in India -- users back -- -- -- adopted owner who is in the pictures that you're seeing there he could barely walk when they found him but he. If that they -- that once -- listeners back to help. He checked ten days to get to baste camp and areas posing and triumph with all of flies around him and he's just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- South and detectives won't now really -- agents have I mean it doesn't even look like donors really wearing a whole lot so I'm not quite sure what they were thinking but he did it he's happy we got pictures to prove it and that's -- pretty -- -- -- -- -- Believable you know it's hard enough to play guitar well it's hard not to play basketball well -- this guy should tell you yeah aren't involved adequate IK US watch this professional -- -- -- Just upgraded -- -- rubber -- last nineteen years old he's from Ohio. Talk of the body and talk. The basketball. He's -- finger picking that without strumming. It's messy and -- -- two million hits on YouTube. This -- really towns and by the way he was the one of the youngest ever to compete in the finger style guitar championships back into doubt today. He's released three -- albums -- played hundreds of shows. -- and millions on YouTube this one has garnered two million alone. That's often been lacks talent and don't. Nineteen years home has been handed. Great another rescue got to tell you about this -- we're telling you not because he climbed Mount Everest but because -- -- -- -- really we'll check to check him out -- guys named NC also rescued dot. There he is just -- -- climate around on these stick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":20872593,"title":"Kids Climb for Candy","duration":"2:55","description":"A viral video has kids climb up a doorway to get candy.","url":"/WNN/video/kids-climb-candy-20872593","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}