No More Kids For Mariah

Mariah Carey says she isn't having any more children.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for No More Kids For Mariah
Our kids -- everybody Christmas he -- In the -- little twelve days of Christmas. Always have been making that has something called the twelve days -- Christmas starts out with him strumming his guitar many he's joined by a whole lot of celebrities it's pretty -- take a look. -- -- -- To lure deliberately not let these dance saying you pay me -- seven swans a swimming -- he's hanging. Twelve degrees of Christmas this is -- pretty entertaining them that would -- colleagues can make an excellent. Yeah do some owners. -- -- -- this. -- moving on to this way Kerry made an appearance on watch what happens live with Andy Callahan last weekend and a caller. And called in and had -- an innocent question she said do you guys plan on having me want children and Mariah Carey in Manhattan right Carrey esque way it. Gave this time. If it could have the babies himself that. -- mom we love you to anyone who's ever carried twins it is it only to experience right to carry trans. I hear a word you're saying is looking it was too busy looking at her leather here the roads with a plan that question on -- labs. She can do -- she's -- I know I just thank you know. Stay up I agree with we have some of the -- didn't pick up a little bit of the work when it was carrying maybe -- I think -- a whole lot more babies. When it's all gone in fifty years it'll probably be some kind of -- -- happen will happen exactly Rain Man and a half days and aren't. Real housewives of Atlanta. -- thinks he's -- go to Savannah Georgia in this part of an episode. Little unfortunate history lesson. -- -- -- Goes to you don't the first African Baptist Church which gets little lesson in the underground railroad which was a network of betrayal that essentially helped slaves escape. The south. Right she didn't realize that the underground railroad wasn't exactly a real railroad train listen to this -- In the opening other I'm going somebody's job turning. Had a magic level we have now. Game winning -- -- yeah. And that was not so many people fall under -- the -- there to escape from -- is being captured. -- -- really run under the church and you know obviously embarrassing for her especially since her grandfather was actually a moment Martin Luther King's inner circle of the civil rights activist -- Nelson. -- -- big -- But here it's kind of like an adorable -- made news maybe not this is family fortune that was sent out by Rebecca -- and Jerry O'Connell. There you have it they all decided to just -- their mint green key jays for this holiday photo shoot. That's their twins -- almost five now dialing entirely and their entire -- three dogs two cats. They sent this to everybody may have been married. In other kids came in 2000 -- they've been married since 2007. And they took a couple of different homes as she also cuts in the same as all right Harry touched on having more children when she was asked. She also said no more kids always wanted to that was the goal here we are got them and -- throughout -- and just keep -- pats have you. And I can't -- synagogue. Captain Tyler a bit about checking our great family dogs two cats two kids my mom and dad I'm quite happy an important.

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{"id":21321036,"title":"No More Kids For Mariah","duration":"3:00","description":"Mariah Carey says she isn't having any more children.","url":"/WNN/video/kids-mariah-21321036","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}