Kid's Toys for the Great Outdoors

Marissa DiBartolo, Senior Editor at, stops by to talk about toys that will get your kids outdoors and teach them about nature.
4:11 | 08/17/16

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Transcript for Kid's Toys for the Great Outdoors
Mindful but. This summer there is a whole crop of toys that combine learning. With the great outdoors joining us now to tell us more about it what insider dot com senior editor Marisa DeBartolo over is that thanks so much for being here thanks for having me I am. They love with all of the start us off with the tell us absolutely so we're gonna start by learning all about the sky and stars in it so this is the geo safari junior. My first telescopes is a perfect telescope for kids ages four and my favorite thing about it is it hasn't double I keys to kids don't have to choose one iron the other they get to look through it all eyes and I aren't easy. It absolutely Rick Scott a ten times magnification. To kids can get a great look at what's apple but gone up there have that hit him. A case of this is the original butterfly garden from insect lawyer so it can't get to learn all about the amazing process of metamorphosis and grow their own butterfly actual live behind me thinking that's there. A 100% alive and beautiful and NASA kids get a little cup with some Lar fat that turn into caterpillars that and staying. Crystal lives and then turn into these beautiful painted lady butterflies are doing something similar when I was in school as a kid and we were fascinated by watching it all of literally amazing and it takes a couple weeks on the keep kids busy for a while they hit it. And then the ant farm that classic tiger at the pheasant Sherry did dead and I'm I was I was afraid of being yeah it's celebrated its sixtieth and to anniversary this year are creative that kids can get says. They get a little vial that comes with the right ants for this set. There's no queens of the instant have anything to fight over which okay it's nice seven and they just watch them do their work today dig the tunnels they move the mountains kids can feed them every day made of plastic knives and durable yes yes of course at a bank rates stay inside their little happened at relatively. Think if they don't yeah typical. If they don't you get a check tonight but he out but back so. This is a backyard safari laser light bug back so with this if you wanna gravity can suck up your bugs as you collect them outside. Thank you do this is real but soon you can do Rivera and yes real bite to get outside and then once you've got your collection going you can store in your cool. Bump watch the it's the hottest successor of the year for sure are and it's little. But magnifying that it has a magnifying glass the pieces all detach in case you wanna catch some larger creepy crawlers the age gadgets I weren't kidding if you drop via from on the floor you really can use you guys that you know really upset he did it and then sent days and here this is a great separate kids this is the primary science outdoor discovery set to this comes with tons of accessories for kids to collect little bits of nature and start their own car ends. Or their own bug collection and oh yes he got magna fires that Lilly temples to pick up the bugs or the little flowers. But my fever part is when it comes with these really great. Activity cards. So he's let kids come up with different experimenting give them inspiration for playtime of the sun shows you how to turn popcorn kernels into a plan that exceeded not slow things outsider from the house and make your own scientific experiments it's great because they're learning while they're playing get this exact good about how there and you can't tell daddy environment is the classroom all summer that ticket. And finally at plane monster is bringing some really great magic to the guard and with my garden so this little place that allows kids to you. Growing a garden but also play right long with their figures and all the accessories so. Which is funny too because ferry guardians have become a trendy thing among adults definitely indicate great activity wherever your child can be doing this right alongside you as maybe your building your very that's exactly right yet this is great and so. Any tips for how parents can you know best deployed these toys or other creative outlets for the kids so I all of these are great for all summer along but usually it's good to she's one at a time to kids straight. To make sure that parents are ride -- have a their kids engaging in the learning process that's really really important that's created by a toy insider senior editor Marisa Deaver timers but thanks so much these are so great and great tips forests and you can get even more information on these and other learning toys and toy insider dot com and out our website W and fans that come.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Marissa DiBartolo, Senior Editor at, stops by to talk about toys that will get your kids outdoors and teach them about nature.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41448447","title":"Kid's Toys for the Great Outdoors","url":"/WNN/video/kids-toys-great-outdoors-41448447"}