Kids take on Valentine’s Day

School kids weigh in on the matters of the heart, and share their advice with ABC News’ Will Ganss.
4:31 | 02/13/20

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Transcript for Kids take on Valentine’s Day
Even if you don't want to fall in love on the day before Valentine's Day if anybody's guess what FitzGerald will land. But apparently though that arrow are already flying inside the one school here in New York City it will cans dropped in for a free holiday visit. It Duckett era. Right yeah. What are you guys good morning to all of you are waiting to get schooled on love but adds he can see that kids have started to get. Pretty comfortable and schooled me on a few other things as well. Opinion what do. I have watched it get. Coming up. See you want to talk about Valentine's Day YE a bad. Past experiences on that day he asked what happens. And how you choose a good Valentine who would be a good one. The table and that formal role warm for a mobile and I am supplying her brother if he's mean. All of our whole thing right. I don't. Think and he liked that and close friend Mike through this might hear and closest friend. Yeah. And so how do you know you love someone. And that's K I think all of the millions. That's a good foil. So what do we do on Valentine's Day but how do we celebrate prove he can keep can be caught we make cards. Early yeah. It Halloween Madonna candy who's the most beautiful person you now. Not only mom. With the most beautiful person you know again I'm not just IRS and she engine looking clay an opera close knit alliance advance. Do you inning of a great Valentine's Day gift to someone with a good balance and seek gift to get our client a card which is what we're making now. Let's had a camera. Roses are red violet served Lil and then on the inside. Duke had done done done done I love you mommy and daddy with huge dragon. That's a pretty cool card. Warm and gone from and I can't access that changes through time. Complete this phrase that the phrase that people today. And it has to do with romance Kate. Don't case and blank. Don't kiss and ride that don't think can. And not finally care. Words to live by OK. These are my friends and we have to help them plan their Valentine's Day date has tanked. Yeah. Why not. It's not an animal and it didn't like yeah. OK. So if they're wearing bids if Valentine's Day where should Randy and Jenny go on me. Helpful she Jack. But do you think they'd be a little over dressed for she shot at fox and I down. Mainly thanks ex all. About your warning me about that yeah. Have rebounded today. Federal and boom. I thought like you guys know how Jenny and Randy black tights he goes that shake shack tomorrow night please I think there's always. And our loved basis independent Manhattan for having us. I love this that. Who's the girl the girl they with a bow their hair because she is she tells it like it is he had yeah it's easy she is not pulling any punches if she's not sweep in anything. App is now but some special kids I love them so I'd love them on the what are your plans for Valentine's Day. The on the spot I'm going to shake shack against the place to be. Third will. Act OK so for Valentine's safer I have a bigger maple I don't wanna be academic doubt about the whole Paul Bard. You know. Pumping up the holiday for those that outlive them but it at a special time so quality time it's the best if you're looking for that special get well also. For others planned planned planned does that make sure you don't really missed the mark and Google horrible restaurant is something like that grant also maybe this little letter but only dropped Dracula. Here's our idea if this for people who don't have dates as well. Yeah love yourself love yourself as a club about special type of love when it.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"School kids weigh in on the matters of the heart, and share their advice with ABC News’ Will Ganss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68957698","title":"Kids take on Valentine’s Day","url":"/WNN/video/kids-valentines-day-68957698"}