Kobe Bryant’s “girl dad” comment sparks social media movement

Tens of thousands of men, including ABC’s own George Stephanopoulos, have posted pictures with their daughters. ABC News’ Janai Norman reports.
2:37 | 01/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kobe Bryant’s “girl dad” comment sparks social media movement
I Kobe one time. It started with ESPN anchor Elle Duncan sharing his story and I approached him he immediately commented hunt might rather large eight month pregnant belly. How are you how close are you what are you having me. A girl I said in the high five me capacity. At the time Kobe had three daughters and he told Duncan that girls are gift and then added that has. He said I would have five more girls a fine cut and a girl that those two words girl that sparking a kind of social media movement. Tens of thousands of men and posting pictures with their daughter's part tribute Jacoby Parton tribute to their own girls. Everyone from rap stars bow wowing Timbaland to football stars Michael Strahan and Russell Wilson. ABC's George Stephanopoulos posting nothing better than being a girl that. And FL running backs of Quan Barkley was asked what it means to him to be a girl dad she's she's my everything she's my world. How's it was. Dennis in. One person that came up. As for Duncan she tweeted a picture of her own dad writing. This is trending nationwide because there's no greater or more significant relationship then of a dad and his daughter. That's something Colby echoed on one of his last appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live he shared a story about taking his daughters to meet beyonce Tom always. Try to teach less accused again minimalist so yeah right when you went to go see Dotson concert where backstage and said hello to a stuffit. And submit amazingly still kill in this hotel are from you with a look at kids like do. It. Incredible it really is an and that L Duncan video we talked about it last night he's that you saw and watch it because that's how emotional yap I watched it a couple times and it really is so emotional but beautiful story issue are calls. Him basically glowing talking about his daughters and being a girl that girl that it's true. It brings up a lot of things that we don't really have time to talk about. When it comes to the psyche and why people say oh we are finally getting your boy or something after having a couple of girls but how proud he was of girls and knowing that. Girls like Gionta and so many that we talk got so many young woman we talk about we're just showing every single day how strong their help and rages they are. Just like Gionta. On the court off the court everything we've heard about her in the past few days and so girl that trending is a good thing I love to see the pictures that keep them coming perhaps.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Tens of thousands of men, including ABC’s own George Stephanopoulos, have posted pictures with their daughters. ABC News’ Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68639107","title":"Kobe Bryant’s “girl dad” comment sparks social media movement","url":"/WNN/video/kobe-bryants-girl-dad-comment-sparks-social-media-68639107"}