Lady Gaga Bares It All

Lady Gaga poses nude and makeup free for "V" magazine.
4:20 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Bares It All
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. Scott very happy he loved that thank. And all the skin is coming from lady got -- she is showing everything and we mean everything on the cover -- V magazine. Take a look at this is she's posing on a stolen out we didn't show you the entire. They shot because it is a very very -- -- She's actually sitting on -- still hear her legs are completely wide apart and all she's doing is using her hands to protect you know. -- the good other regions. It felt like that but -- but -- -- she exposed issue showing off here she's completely make up free. Which is something that's the usual -- you know -- slash pop stars to do is days but now she wants everybody to see her. And her full -- in her birthday suit in every way possible. So what she's doing -- she's drumming up some -- -- of her upcoming album which is called. Art pop. And this is a video that's kind of one of those things that came out which really makes no sense and decency to -- to -- second clip where. How she's doing it is the licking means -- tongues -- her hand -- I'm Bernard all right -- And it really makes no sense doesn't say anything to her hand how he's doing is asked him. Flicking the fingers. We've got -- got a an album coming out left and a lot of they had to do it but the latest thing if you wanted to -- -- magazine. We'll be able to see it and that I don't really routine. It was -- -- -- aptly said they're -- covered up. Struck a -- just the other hand you we will talk about the Israelis it is almost more shocking to see without the -- -- -- really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Artists these days are just kind of showing all -- all it's not really hot exciting but when you see somebody is not wearing any need to I think that's that's really showing somebody who wants to show their true interview all right speaking with artists the -- -- out you have to -- hardy error. -- we got the card that's it's. Is coming to a close. ORY yet so you -- -- you still have time Diana don't cry again. Eric keep it up guard sessions coming to a close this is a story that that -- insider told naughty but nice rob. That Jim and mom Chris. That decided to either. And the reality show which watched by the way in 2007. While after the current three year deal was ended so obviously means and 2050. I know yeah -- up with a car dash -- -- original Google wallet -- to write to a mom and Chris is gonna have to talk show so yes. Three more years hanging that you can do it. House so I still have I've never actually seen and read I think I've seen snippets of things I promise you actually sat there -- -- After it was several whole entire episodes obviously just doing journalistic research -- I that I would love to -- I ask us why she felt that I have never get back and I knew I wanted -- and I watched it again and again I am I okay so let's move onto another train -- and swords Lindsay and she's been in rehab for quite some time now well. -- her mom got a little bit of hot water at the rehab center because of a phone call where she sounded like she was drunk so here's the deal. She's been banned from participating in her daughter Lindsay in rehab treatment because apparently a couple of weeks ago for -- -- July 2 birthday. The treatment facility got to be a good idea she had a conversation with -- -- during one of the treatment sessions. So somebody from this facility called dean -- to -- me out if she's ready yet it covers Asian well on the other -- the person realizes that -- -- actually. Waste and will not -- -- Bronx alienate the phone call that and they -- some parts -- telling you that they think that. The best thing for her treatment is to kind of -- her mom -- her life completely until she's well enough to get out of rehab and you know region has. Congress -- in Moscow on and in rehab on holidays by the way. From TMZ but there you have it -- just cannot catch a break to girl well makes -- -- -- -- break at this point to -- but now. And that really doesn't -- doesn't help -- out of the one phone call that you're gonna get around the entire rehab is a mom who is -- up -- just doesn't make whole -- And a real quick Spike Lee the latest person on kick starter trying to raise one point two million bucks to make an independent film about that. So good looks like.

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{"id":19743633,"title":"Lady Gaga Bares It All","duration":"4:20","description":"Lady Gaga poses nude and makeup free for \"V\" magazine.","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-bares-19743633","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}