Lady Gaga Blasts Airbrushing

Lady Gaga wanted to see skin blemishes on her Glamour cover photo.
3:34 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Blasts Airbrushing
But Clinton is getting everyone -- -- -- -- got that taking Glamour Magazine to task she was featured as the cover model and she looks wonderful and it but she was receiving an award at the annual women of the year awards this was on Monday. She took the stage and she said -- Of their air brushing it I felt my skin looked to perfect I felt my hair looks -- -- I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning. She went on -- essentially. Challenge the magazine she said. What I want to see is the change on your covers when the coverage change. That's when culture changes and some kind of respect gotta -- -- -- look fantastic but that's not really me. -- and I feel like. Has kind of mean her. Earth is the biggest statements when she's said things like be yourself and tell her -- a little monster followers into her big thing is. This is may you love me you leave me or what -- and you should opulence and mite saliva is seen her actually take. These magazines -- have for a long time have this problem with their coverage if you really actually sit down guys because she is so incredibly influential -- -- For the woman to Jennifer Lawrence just 230 star Hunger Games so. She's young and she's she's a role model and she takes it serious she says that sex may -- but she's just not buying it she told BBC's Newsnight that. Psycho sexual station of young women in Hollywood like Miley Cyrus just does not -- -- -- -- what she said. Sex. -- -- For someone discussing reason young sex sells even more we have the ability to control this and next thing on earth -- going to be seen. We need to make her age girls see enough of this this body that we can't and a ticket that would. -- whenever -- -- -- these unrealistic expectations. Retired general -- says that she -- conscious decisions to be a role model when it comes to her younger audiences. And she thinks it's wonderful to be a role model she's happy that -- that young girls have a character like that my daughter loves movies she lost -- character -- -- Probably are right an email message similar thoughts few weeks back neither one of them are being like from religious and you don't have to be gross and there are -- great message. They're also not naming names but gosh it seems to really be interested -- captured -- all of famous always bold words such problems lately and you Miley Cyrus right to scripted and they all just about -- initiative is nineteen she's turning three is -- I think it's fine so that's -- up. Our -- -- taking a left turn from socialization of women because this is funny. And we in the person at a sexually. And that the president the center of this -- great pleasure in this is -- out but check this out this is a two week. That was sent out die -- stone street the but -- he has written -- and because SARS the -- are they are color camera together obviously ABC news -- ABC hit and this is something that he cheated out with a simple caption that's -- Work. His joy here is insinuating that is just -- -- -- -- -- we have -- are the good that's about the picture of I'm -- back and other between Harry eight -- and angry. And face amount of time but. -- hasn't been taken down so even that would seem like it might have been an anger I think it was all -- and she's always always been so funny and so reverend and so kind of you know button to be -- -- -- from these shots of people get arrested. McMahon in the department's -- -- is really just think he plays a gay character on the scene on the show but he's actually not is that right that's right. Not that -- -- -- ahead.

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{"id":20872561,"title":"Lady Gaga Blasts Airbrushing","duration":"3:34","description":"Lady Gaga wanted to see skin blemishes on her Glamour cover photo.","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-blasts-airbrushing-20872561","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}