Lady Gaga Will Headline Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show

Both the pop star and the National Football League made the announcement on Twitter.
4:25 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Will Headline Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show
This country or Freddie skinny and topping our headlines this morning its of this Xiang Lady Gaga will headline. The halftime show for Super Bowl 51 Candace is. Pumps the six time Grammy Award where announced the news yesterday tweeting out it's not an illusion that the rumors are true. This year's Super Bowl goes gaga yes so the announcement comes nearly three weeks after she dropped her new single perfect illusion. This is a second year in a row Lady Gaga will make the Super Bowl appearance remember. Add that last one. She sang yeah. The National Anthem chest high. There isn't just but I think it's here. Graham I think there's a group. Yeah she isn't limited to sunset then edited to bury it and favorite new. 7% in February 5. 1817 wins it would even better than that's. Below that and another guy does is this a gift that keeps on. The next to a stunning admission from lineup the queen is at ninety's pop. Figure British TV Britain spirits reflected back on the previous decade and admitted that she hated her twenties that. I write my check easily more than imagines he's been working poor and seven in nineteen just fine that I like they're there exists great. Defense for high twenties were pretty rough she got divorced. It's okay temp. Lost custody for children there is that under an emergency psychiatric hold one can understand why that may have not been hurt your pet is she did cut their hair he had a bad performance on the be amazed. But now she's got her act together and is back at the top of her game with at Las Vegas residency and her new hit album called glory. And now she's looking far too. It's his son's teenage years wow right right out at ten and eleven. Good luck but that Britney has hit that those should be great in her forties through like I don't know orders sinking thirty. Who speak to teenage boys. OK so they're not Brothers but they do have a little healthy sibling rivalry and now Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are fighting over. Tom Brady who doesn't get to actors but for the patriots cornerbacks affection and common pet. For charity posted online yesterday so they compared notes on who's closer to the star quarterback accused each other up sucking up to him and even cut down each other. Let me tell you something if your chin was anything like Thomas. That Batman movie yours would have made about four billion dollars because that's the only part recognizable view is that big ugly Chan Tommy's a superhero can you hear yourself do you really want to have this argument again fair. Fine but that's ten boundaries better friends that's not his nickname. They picked on. Hey hey coming. Look at the genetic yeah thinks it this. Well you know he does have that on going fight with them but luckily no one mentioned deflate gates apparently. There are limits to this friendship can't act that we know how to pray not yet had the best he's. And finally a Hollywood icon is ready to let go up her massive. Massive estate in Palm Springs this beautiful June. I didn't know yeah. Remember to proceed from here is happening saint north and center. I know her best for the time master Suzanne Somers has put her home on and off the market for nearly. Nine years but the tenth time is apparently the charm for a cool fourteen and a half million dollars in the south of France expired main house was built in nineteen twining. Clinging to the mountainside and accessible only. By and that tonight inclined. Although funicular tennis and I learned a new word today and yes you have vehicular. Is that incline. So that the count on consists of five. Buildings to spread out across 73 acres ten bedrooms eleven bathrooms. There's also. How wine cellar and outdoor bath tub and an amphitheater where Barry Manilow Merv Griffin at Robert Goulet. Have performed. Summers but the home with her husband back in 1977 years just 31 at the time during three's companies days in Jamie's. Civilian behind a lot of memories for three's company too particular funicular vernacular word of the day.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Both the pop star and the National Football League made the announcement on Twitter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42469862","title":"Lady Gaga Will Headline Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show ","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-headline-super-bowl-51-halftime-show-42469862"}