Largest Fruit Salad Breaks Guinness World Record

UMass students create a fruit salad using 15,291 pounds of fruit.
2:55 | 09/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Largest Fruit Salad Breaks Guinness World Record
Right after the next to those kids from the University of Massachusetts have this talent for breaking Guinness records and did it again for the fort DR -- they have break they've broken in new Guinness world records act and this time it is for the largest. Fruit salad why this category I'm not actually. Yes take a look and listen this. 500 volunteers and staff -- and diced. 151291. Pounds of where he shattered the old record by McGill university in Montreal last year of 111000 pounds from salads and basically -- like swimming pool a 150 varieties approved. Crazy amounts -- -- -- Apple's iPad bananas fourteen varieties varies -- ranch cherries 500. Tomorrow and goes on and on by the way that that Montreal university -- but had their record be this year by these kids. They were there witnesses said that course pretty I would might try to get -- record back but not for you here so that the competition. -- from the very beginning of that video I don't know if you all notice -- -- -- standing in fact from Sallyann all right -- got to -- didn't and it isn't no longer edible fruit. -- unless -- -- -- -- -- and yes exactly but another kind of foods that got. I think did you take a look at then there is that you -- -- that's been invented out there and it's called -- -- bike. And it essentially. Is pretty good story there is it is -- that you can -- with your hands and your feet it's got to crank -- top of it. And it just makes for easier faster paddling you know everybody's been -- -- -- reelected -- worked out earnest again Saturday night that your arms -- As you can have the whole thing Bernie can he can -- just yeah apparently. -- -- -- -- -- -- take a look at this video I don't how we made it through college known how to do this but these guys use of Brisbane to open a beer bottle. Simple straightforward here -- the president there's beer. Now how long shot him practicing how that's trek -- Magic trick and second let me see that are we going to be able to see it and remove -- -- their got to slow motion. City nice. Not -- impressive -- the eleven guys that the guerrillas including a guerrilla I think good I think but more refresher. The more pressing but still impressive way to -- -- but it's a check this out there at that Italy and there's. I can get the word out I just want to show you pictures there's an shopping for the lower east side in New York where you can apparently go in and -- For -- so on your nails and they will paint the picture of minority youths that read that speeding did not that is thicker they're -- -- -- -- on the hill. They actually sit there and that he actually paid -- little as time goes on -- get paid. It's amazing if you're in New York you wanna check it out into the lineup and a place called vanity projects like extended -- in in New York's lower east side. Check it out.

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{"id":20150670,"title":"Largest Fruit Salad Breaks Guinness World Record","duration":"2:55","description":"UMass students create a fruit salad using 15,291 pounds of fruit.","url":"/WNN/video/largest-fruit-salad-breaks-guinness-world-record-20150670","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}