Lawmakers react to deadly Florida school shooting

Lawmakers offered their condolences to victims, but critics say prayers without action are no longer enough. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:01 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Lawmakers react to deadly Florida school shooting
And lawmakers in Washington are offering condolences in the aftermath of that Florida attack but critics say condolences and prayers aren't enough ABC's Kenneth Moulton joins us now from Washington with more good morning. Good morning can listen Diane has become the norm after a mass shooting to talk briefly about gun laws that's already in full effect on Capitol Hill as the country waits to see what action. If any comes from Washington. This morning Washington lawmakers react yet again to one of the worst mass shootings in this nation's history. We keep. Saying enough is enough. But then it happens again. President from responding not on camera but in a tweet my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. New Charl teacher or anyone else had ever fuel and safe in an American school. Porter represented if for drew to Wilson also to read it. It is heartbreaking of these violent incidents continue to take place in schools a place were children should feel MB the most safe. There's something out there that we can do whether it's a law our program are both. Of course we're going to be open to that it's got to work. Eighteenth school shooting this year according to every tell for gun safety. The Rampage and Parkland Florida ranks among the top five deadliest. It's a bad day. Once we get into the N investigation. How do did you acquire the weapons. These tragedies triple greasy burger brief debate over gun control this is an epidemic. It did then and get congress continues to do absolutely. Nothing. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut were so many children were shot and killed a new town. On the floor of the senate that we are responsible. For a level. Of mass atrocity. That happens in this country with zero parallel. The White House has all for federal assistance to poor officials president trump has no public events today so no word if or when who'll address this latest mass shooting. On camera dining Condace that Kenneth before his friend he sees can't thank you.

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{"id":53106340,"title":"Lawmakers react to deadly Florida school shooting","duration":"2:01","description":"Lawmakers offered their condolences to victims, but critics say prayers without action are no longer enough. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","url":"/WNN/video/lawmakers-react-deadly-florida-school-shooting-53106340","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}