Learn to curl like an Olympian

You've seen curling at the Winter Olympics, but ever wondered how to play? ABC News' Will Ganss learns from the experts at Ardsley Curling Club in Westchester County, New York.
5:59 | 02/21/18

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Transcript for Learn to curl like an Olympian
Sliding down the I. Nine. In this is that Osama regularly and yeah. There's only one and was talking about events I'll say at the Olympics. Every year every four years there were talking about not skating not skiing not losing not bobsled. It's not hockey. What couldn't and he did it in this turner lately and they will again and but I mean reunited and it feels so good well somebody sat there watching the Winter Olympics an ambulance sitting around wondering. What is this sport have you been doing it I don't understand so many questions and snow. He went to check that out for a. I did because I am the most athletic person we and picking up and that's gonna be right foot but soon it was such an event to take a look. Curling the sport but that things in this sticks and that people and they try to do good. Curling. Or at least that's what it looks like to be untrained eyes. And trust me my eyes and the rest of me were very untrained when I showed up that aren't we curling club outside New York City to learn how to curl. Good go. Nailed it. Although I will say it doesn't take any special skills to know that curlers do you have this Nazis pants of any sport anywhere. Up. Which is honestly why showed up in the first place. More on that later. As far as the actual sport goes I figured the ardently curling club president Mike she'll move. Continue to hot details on winters coolest hand probably least understood Olympic sport. First up a vocabulary lesson. What's in your hand when this is called Siskel structure or broom the rains that we're standing in right here are called. The rings of accounts are they called tropical rocks gray stones rocks or sounds. Those stones by the way are 45 pounds each and the goal is to slide here stone to the middle of the house. That bull's eye in the middle it's called a button. You don't get more points of view folks from the bottom. When we get appointed to both. And if your stone seems like it may not make it to the button by itself. Well that's for those Bruins coming so whenever you see someone using their broom what's the purpose it melts the ice. Which makes the rock go further and straight. How high after that crash course in curling basics I was ready to make like the French Fries and Arby's and curl girl girl. But like every great athlete knows the key to Olympic success. Is all about the outfit. And since I apparently wasn't going to win any medals for my world class outfit. I figured I should probably learn to play the sport. Your right foot. That's left. And after few trial runs. If things. Not that I was 100%. Curly I was. Blessed Herman Moore BT waves which is when the arts league curling club regulars showed up. Spencer Nancy Clancy who has been curling for thirty years. How did you find curling. Basically a friend who curled invited me to an open house where three. Attractive men got separately in front of the fireplace and gave messages which all says. We're nice people and this is fun and I said I'm comment. Politic was three attractive man and Anna and I do at and an invitation to have fun. And since then in. Senior thirty years of curling you're here recreational Lee but you've also travel to tell me about where you've gone Iceland. Germany. France. Las Vegas Montreal Halifax. Tampa. Something about crawling in the Olympic swimming talking to people attempt might profit last year. And since Tampa Santa Byung Chang didn't quite happen for me this year. I jumped at the chance to get competitive on the ice Nancy break here in New York. Yeah. And I mean competitive. It was their right. It was felt it was bad it was fabulous maybe. Oh yeah that's gonna go on a different direction when she said no. I did also Nancy plant think that's her name the real deal Nancy Clancy that LeBron James of parsley. I don't love and effective so what was it like meeting everybody they were still fine and so nice they're telling you. After the game is over there's a bar in the like right now considering canal despite other drinks and without it we could think we should be curly recent. Carolina regarding halfway there you have the outdated very tired and ready to get so pumped buyer outfit that we decided to copy and I mean it's 90% of the battle is the outfit when it to grow it is for real about it hurdle wasn't completely all smooth sailing. I don't know where your hearing. A 100% no. Does that that I these study the excuse art that you need a move that's flair that's guts curling with. It doesn't look like when the informant the olympians the do you. I don't. It was a blast might Carnegie somebody ring Tanya Harding. A good right well we'll.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"You've seen curling at the Winter Olympics, but ever wondered how to play? ABC News' Will Ganss learns from the experts at Ardsley Curling Club in Westchester County, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53238737","title":"Learn to curl like an Olympian","url":"/WNN/video/learn-curl-olympian-53238737"}