Will LeBron James Star in the 'Space Jam' Sequel?

LeBron James has reportedly teamed up with "The Looney Tunes" gang to fight aliens in the highly anticipated "Space Jam" reboot!
2:38 | 05/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will LeBron James Star in the 'Space Jam' Sequel?
Everybody in this time the slam. And welcome to the space game and he's he's saying it's an event here. We think we're ready we're headed to think. It's a services. There have been. It's been forty years since the nerd looks headed to earth to kidnap Bugs Bunny and the rest of the looney tunes gang which of course triggered an epic inter galactic. Basketball game. But now in a world needs now exclusive. Their appears to be a real bad that is brewing we have a new basketball legend in town see it here first yes. And last. Thank you. Just might see. As being intergalactic game of the century the legendary Michael Jordan teaming up with the looney tunes to take on a bunch of alien bad guy bowlers. However eclectic but up. Space jam the 1996 live action animated film. Was a slam dunk taking in more than 230 million dollars worldwide. Nearly twenty years later the long awaited sequel is one step closer to reality. A new script now reportedly in development and a director just signing on deed. And the number one draft pick to star in space jam tour route. LeBron James are. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward. The paper to lead a new tune squad. Ever since his production company signed a deal with Warner Bros. last summer plus don't tonight later LeBron Indian unit through the somewhat today tonight some of them go to practice in Oregon are talking about it and on the stuff. Fans ready to see more of king James on the big screen. After his train wreck acting debut for now LeBron isn't commenting on whether or any new joined the animated all stars. Yeah and. OK so that's been Hussein all of this as a result of ninety's that nostalgia for a movie and trying to struggle novelty to something that. We forget there's actually relieved that. I didn't see the original space so. They tell me I should or shouldn't book saying I never saw the original with its best part about it was displaced camps but a look at that clearly. Well maybe it's altogether what was requested he thinks. Initial event at the time you know I did Glaxo. Closed die. Pro stars are of that though the cartoon with Michael Jordan Bo Jackson Wayne Gretzky Bo Jackson take that LeBron full could do everything.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"LeBron James has reportedly teamed up with \"The Looney Tunes\" gang to fight aliens in the highly anticipated \"Space Jam\" reboot!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38864398","title":"Will LeBron James Star in the 'Space Jam' Sequel?","url":"/WNN/video/lebron-james-star-space-jam-sequel-38864398"}