Lisa Robin Kelly, Dead at 43

"That ?70s Show" star was found dead in her sleep while at rehab.
3:02 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lisa Robin Kelly, Dead at 43
Welcome into the skinny everyone we start with some -- isn't happening unfortunately That '70s Show star. Based on Robin Kelly has apparently died while she was in rehab this happened in her sleep she was at a California rehab facility. And ends in. She's struggled for a long time with a lot of different things. She apparently was fired from the show way back -- and she told ABC news back in April that. The reason that she was fired is because she was abusing alcohol which she said back then that she was no longer doing. -- -- -- that she had lost a baby in as a result of that I lost everything and that's when she started abusing out of house arrest and he's. Right now there is no foul play suspected here she just simply passed away in her sleep. She had entered rehab after falling off the wagon once again like I had several DUI charges -- facing quite a lot she -- an uphill battle for sure. Unfortunately she lost and some cardiac arrest -- -- -- 43 years old. And and a different kind of story WW superstar Darren young make lots of news I can't wait to hear this story -- he's just 29 years old. At and TMZ video I'll refer went up to him at LAX the other day and. Check out what happened -- this exchange. Do you think that like -- gay Rex Crumm. Could be that successful within the WW. -- -- an -- getting big. There he is he said he's -- he says he's happy. Com and and then he says he hopes to inspire others he -- one brave man yes we're gonna hear a lot more coming up on not Good Morning America about the story. Yes that would help the US and finally WW we came out and send an achingly Elizabeth completely support he is -- -- decision to come out. And I have a feeling this is gonna start happening more and -- aren't a lot of different sports. -- -- people -- to -- to be really a sport but that's beside the point. How does this surely interesting Michelle that I have never seen once in my entire life apparently broke records because -- -- dynasty meter readings. History here is why. This was the most watched nonfiction series telecast in cable TV history raking -- eleven point eight million viewers at ten. Didn't -- any -- style sitcom. It beat out the Jersey Shore if you can believe it my heart is sinking and I'm just happy -- Jon and Kate plus eight which held the record at ten point six million somebody's -- today. Move over -- boo -- -- -- for you anymore got the -- dynasty coming on and -- And we got some new picture -- Kardashians take what they. The first pictures -- Sims. She gave birth to northwest person northwest in June. And as you know she's apparently looks very happy she kind of gave us a peek at. At her post pregnancy body scans she's so influenced my aha that's you know I don't -- it's true every new -- In some way. She's a little over highways so harsh.

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{"id":19977885,"title":"Lisa Robin Kelly, Dead at 43","duration":"3:02","description":"\"That ?70s Show\" star was found dead in her sleep while at rehab.","url":"/WNN/video/lisa-robin-kelly-dead-43-19977885","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}