A New List of the Trashiest Spring Break Destinations

There is a list that lets spring break partiers know where the trashiest cities are.
2:55 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for A New List of the Trashiest Spring Break Destinations
Welcome back. That that I love because we're -- where the time of year college kids and offers spring break. We're rite of passage of three had excuse me. Your day I had my will become of the new -- -- get this of the fifteen trashing this spring break destination to -- save my -- that will. We'll have a live -- little bit here New Orleans my beloved north came in fourteen. I can't -- in Key West nine Panama City gave Miami seven. Five Orlando. Myrtle Beach or Daytona Beach. Believe South Padre Island Texas to at no shocker here Las Vegas. His came at number one. That's what the criteria is a year ago is -- whether they've based all of us on the number of food -- restaurant -- tattoo parlors mixing liquor stores and strip clubs. And the percentage of bars that had little closing times and lazy -- open container -- wow so that's apparently biggest let me wanna live. Vegas is my spiritual America. I do about that settlement six -- -- get -- -- witness list. Seattle and -- one at poppy -- is the second wife health project I don't know who. I just got it off the beaten path but they get simply go to Amazon had not heard about -- -- wow where do overs -- -- which weren't going to be so that he had a good time. What happens in Myrtle Beach. Nearly all of us -- and -- good college. I -- all male baby oil about trips are ready to -- Okay I have safe and fun to say yeah papers but here's that it is searching here is here talking the talk about something that. Everybody talks about but nobody really talks about how long does it take a woman to revealed her true self to the -- she's dating we're talking about make up here. B 1480%. Of winning 80 -- an entire month before me let their appointments even without any -- but that. Beginning of this -- 60%. Saving sleep when they're make up on talk about going to extreme land that's -- is recognized yeah -- -- saving way out secretly before the boyfriend and to apply makeup so when they wake up. I was and a photo shoot the hour right 70% wait too much as 60% -- As well then what you say. Never let their boyfriends -- without any make up 68%. Went into the feel naked without their make bond. The man's perspective. -- you -- to me how you can. You know if you don't have to -- -- make up here that actually pretty grateful on the Internet experience where. The person you -- saw in the -- was not to say. Oh you know while wearing wet -- when -- would be unsafe and you don't like we'll go we have not -- I'm not.

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{"id":18716400,"title":"A New List of the Trashiest Spring Break Destinations","duration":"2:55","description":"There is a list that lets spring break partiers know where the trashiest cities are.","url":"/WNN/video/list-trashiest-spring-break-destinations-18716400","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}