The Lohan and Hilton Feud Continues

Lindsay Lohan denies being involved in an attack on Paris' brother Barron.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for The Lohan and Hilton Feud Continues
I think it's in the everybody we're starting with a huge and all feuds -- this has been going on for a little -- since 2006 Lindsay Lohan. And Paris Hilton have been at pots and ever heard about yes well a -- -- -- in the ring yet to settle once and for -- well that is what happened except it wasn't the two girls services it's as though a long story that it charge her as much as possible. Paris Hilton's brother Barron was at a party where Lindsay Lohan has also happened to -- at a mansion -- Now -- is claiming that because of Lindsay he got beat out -- picture that was posted on I'm mr. Graham Hilton said. They both will pay for what they did no one. Apps with my family and gets away with it. She's referring to Lindsay Lohan and the person who is renting this mansion where the party took place apparently -- said that Lindsay Lohan fixed the guy who's renting -- house. On him and he beat him up is renting houses now come out and said -- named by the way its array of -- and he said. That Lindsay -- had absolutely nothing to do that yes everybody was there at the party but. Barron started mounting not saint you know who I am after cast him to leave and so yet -- -- island he had nothing I don't doubt it is the -- that continues. And we are just so. Interest okay. -- -- -- moving right along they've had more time than they deserve Selena Gomez by the -- had a tough time it jingle ball in New York City this weekend. The Mike was acting up so -- he can almost feel bad for you. When he what you'll start out there doing the performance and the might -- -- crap and out on -- she said so sorry isn't working she was talking of the crowd guys have a good night. She's trying to work it but it just kept on going -- talk another stop another time she's saying guys do you mind. Anyway she dropped an F bomb before stormed off the stage unsolicited. How to best moment. Is pretty good girl moment things we report on the news so you know she's. One that's she's like that anti aids Miley Cyrus. Energy that comes out that's like it's cool to be classy right -- you know whatever I mean you can understand that she's put our performance in the Mike keeps on failing you make demands and and -- think they're right choice of words but. This -- in California by the way that capable of. -- it's a check this out Rebecca black yeah as -- joke. The Friday Friday Friday Friday batting. Brown and it got a grant it Friday in case you don't remember. Particularly bullish -- close its. Aren't that was it doesn't elevenths on Friday like you said worst song ever made that is certainly what it's been dubbed on the Internet well now the six year old singer has -- -- -- -- And -- guess what it's I'll tell. -- you win. Heart that probably able to 200 just so exasperated about the -- singing -- one. Yesterday was -- today is Saturday Rebecca black lyrical genius. But -- quite Rebecca black -- and his son and it's called Saturday I can't I actually can't put. -- adding I thought she was like kind of hiding she -- Baghdad friends yeah but if you're making money doesn't really matter if people -- and I asked. Not a real quick number that one armed guy -- -- cut his hand off he got trapped in that canyon in Utah well. Anyway -- name is Aaron Ralston 38 they made a movie about him and she's and some hot water with the law he -- On some charges that exact circumstances aren't all that alleged abuse. Domestic domestic violence -- yeah. -- my -- 127 hours that was yet.

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{"id":21145607,"title":"The Lohan and Hilton Feud Continues","duration":"3:00","description":"Lindsay Lohan denies being involved in an attack on Paris' brother Barron.","url":"/WNN/video/lohan-hilton-feud-continues-21145607","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}