I Love You a Latte

Couples are exchanging vows in Starbucks coffee shops.
2:53 | 01/20/15

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Transcript for I Love You a Latte
A. Tonight we continue with our national cheese Dave believe it's here for now but as we do the mix. People get Americans in strange places and strange way to kill time but I didn't know that something now the FB we're getting married and Starbucks. Here are some fix this problem. For yet people are having doing them nuptial the kingdom of the season picked people who are opposing this is just in the penicillin they have us to have back story or. You know they met in Starbucks or something like that they just quit both as a vehicle let's bring the wedding party to Starbucks did you get apparently so yes and Starbucks is allowing people. Students wound and is fairly muscular think. Won't let out cake pops and cappuccinos that is a way to cut wedding expenses let me tell you if I had known about. With the possibility that you could you'll reduce your distance it was the book that convicted 386. My man who won her ulcer from India. Who do you football betting is that they're not up hundreds of books on the west I might get if people would show a lot of yeah. Look at. The dog that want to have a kind of became the river take a look at written. We know what I have issues when he was very little and unfortunately. Had to learn to walk with the back kind of his legs and he had went to the modest. There hydrant rehabilitation therapy actually and he was rescued by a firefighter and her husband. And his wife and now he really walks relevant. Caught a little guys. He's not in the work though it would look hard watching but he's made it clear he's happy that he's made important. And it is a new lease on life. We'll go look back he became greatly in that picture absolutely perfect absolutely right. Don't know the pictures show you here using these duck hunters NBA guys missed dunks and wants and wanted to do something fancy valves of the rim big deal. This is. That's over in China they're gonna double by people. And the whole under the name in news wields a lot of people over here this epic fail on line he's trying to double what he's an evening doubled over one child. Much less five. No you knew you lose. You could've done that. You have more faith in my dunking ability not only for us think yeah you're right she. Shane enough I think you're right I would have had like a trampoline there and what and a little extra pick me up but if he needed to. Now have a controller at BUT people how about the stroke that he's been numerous has put this. The group Hollywood costume designers river to come up with look at the stroller they wanted to stroller like about will be open. I this is what they created. Pretty incredible and I'm a lot of people that was built a web series super fan build it to Hollywood prop designer. And he built this for is someone that school there's one little problem. The stroller just in Florida and in New York City you can get strollers to fold up when you do that. Back kid looks pretty happy that the that the suburban. Children.

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{"id":28342015,"title":"I Love You a Latte","duration":"2:53","description":"Couples are exchanging vows in Starbucks coffee shops.","url":"/WNN/video/love-latte-28342015","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}