MAD's Dick DeBartolo: 400 Consecutive Bylines

Dick DeBartolo talks about MAD Magazine's 60th Anniversary and his years there.
4:38 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MAD's Dick DeBartolo: 400 Consecutive Bylines
I -- Joyce guys Mad Magazine -- celebrating sixty years of making fun of the American land to gain. -- -- -- It's called totally -- sixty years of humor satire stupidity and it just you know. Stupidity a little bit more 'cause none of us can get enough so here to help us celebrate this. Stupid milestone to recall it. But not really blunt -- -- magazine writer dig deeper talent good morning -- that you know what you're usually dig his way as people see appeared to bring you this there's a whole new side. But let me read this -- want to show how legit you are my friend. As of his byline in issue number 502 back in 2009. Your material has appeared in 400. Consecutive issues of Mad Magazine dating back to 1966. Hi Brenda yup I rarely -- yeah I've only paid for -- been paid. For five -- does it. Witness the budget deal as -- UK yes you know audience to its twenty years that -- been on world news now. The first time I ever sit at the adult table really -- we have been that long either all the candidates -- not -- us as adults. Yeah -- you how'd you get started. You know what I I was back in high school was reading man and asked -- -- -- I -- I don't want to read this -- -- write this. So -- I wrote it is a satire and I read in a magazine if you submit something send a self addressed stamped envelope otherwise they'll throw it out if it's rejected. So six weeks later I get my big envelope back I'm heartbroken. I opened the envelope the envelope is stuffed with college -- And the -- -- says ha ha ha thought this was your script being returned. Guess what we -- at staples did this -- would as a check and it was signed by nick mainland who is now. Cullinan for years Gary Cole it was like a man -- benefit our Matt yeah yeah exactly that I exact. -- -- consultant from 1984 to 2009 but as rob mentioned. I -- that contributed to 400 consecutive issues dating back to 66 how many straight issues and give us an example may -- your most. Popular work always you know it -- I get a lot of the Star Wars. Takeoffs and one of my favorite stories about the start with take off. Is after the first issue of -- the first satire I didn't what are we doing in the artwork. One and I both got a letter from George Lucas thing out there should be Academy Awards for satire when predicting -- told one from Mort Drucker. And and I totally enjoyed it two days later. We get a letter from lucas' attorneys. We are suing you for our yard infringement on fox saw what property so I said the bill gains the publisher back then and found that. What are you gonna do and -- sit on writing G George liked it may end. This year's candidates into the copy of all let him. Never heard from them again. And circulation two million Huntington yes bribery and -- this was a huge cultural force -- -- in the country why do you what do you -- it was the secret to. Its success and what is -- like to be on the inside -- that what you know what it it was the first magazine to tell people. Don't trust anybody who that the government might be doing things behind your back. Manufacturer is -- probably trying to -- not tell you the whole story may used to be anti smoking anti drinking what we still are. But they were the first ones of the choking post that this is this is one of the most. -- published things that I did. The -- choking poster find out what the victim is choking on do not what is that dish for yourself fat cats but it looks like and the fund -- is that it looks like the real thing. What is what is Mad Magazine look -- now because some people don't know if you are still in circulation circulation -- right right it still looks as saying the current issue all I'll leave the current issue what's nice about the -- sixty is that conservatives -- yeah and yes this is your copy everything gets it right -- yeah over the camera yeah -- they -- literally the entire staff signed it we didn't put your names on its. So that I you can read it and pass it on for Christmas gifts Levin Oracle would put it up on eBay and real quick what's your favorite part of my -- thought is to stories about bill -- the founder of the magazine. It also the matter when you ridden head. Did something in -- you'll find because there's something from all sixty years of -- thomas' office. They'll adhere to -- and so are we do appreciate that can -- the guys next month with the CES Gadgetell have the other had on this man doesn't cause he's a man -- -- -- -- mad -- and -- on this -- attention problems.

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{"id":17958111,"title":"MAD's Dick DeBartolo: 400 Consecutive Bylines","duration":"4:38","description":"Dick DeBartolo talks about MAD Magazine's 60th Anniversary and his years there.","url":"/WNN/video/mads-dick-debartolo-400-consecutive-bylines-17958111","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}