Makeover Your Hummus

ABC's Tina Trinh tries various hummus dishes that you can eat at any time of day, including for breakfast or dessert!
3:51 | 09/30/15

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Transcript for Makeover Your Hummus
Usually I wait on mango and snagging an already read this he has he can say like many of you at this hour we often get the munching some of you for different reasons. One food that gets the job done. Thomas and we're now learning it goes win everything. And that now includes dessert. That's right. Hand me you've had almost. After you've had promised wash it down with more promise as well so good let's have a real stuff yes let's get ABC see that trend shows and some they cater to just beneath the whole thing. Very well. There. Kane company X ray here at some food restaurant in Manhattan and a specialty here Thomas. Not just did for your carrot sticks we're gonna learn how to get creative with it. Great Britain kitchen with executives at 59 miss this show is all things comment. So this is your hasty come is right here you have it with the Los. We felt that could allow some school which is spicy Yemeni faced I was gonna figure it's a wonderful. If you know any just because of the payments. This isn't here when this London. Two record Mexican version of its social debates is really almost. As blood proves it then we'll read lunatic is. We've got to look out of the threat level those coated with Michael because they are ill and some -- 2000. At that. Watson assuming we're vigilant as opposed foremost we've wild mushroom any mushrooms and head amusement that period. Brazen move it to the present life. And I'm told that poster. You reload them for about her and deep fried. It's almost like. Meat and listen in case it. And here you have shrimp. In Thomas. I've never seen before here and debate for whom there is movement of recruitment of cauliflower really cool thing you know when there so if you don't have to keep them easily. Networks and you're wearing your Fisher and make the desert with helmets and factories what are we making simply calling. Recorder I hated the wound float over the McFadden with the black that it had. There will be here between them on the on the inside of the the glass and the third and one ice cream. I'm movement of the conquest and this is that karma and I achieved through current. Another thirty ice cream bikini ice cream. And that of his of the conflict. Root Beers group here and basically. Mediterranean. Their is currently there we go. I'm the big that that the. Could boozing and it totally works they're given my yummy. And the good folks here to booted New York city's tennis and I just different Thomas we've got. Comments with actually and Friday have a Qaeda go this one's a post Edwin Smith. And of course traditional comics and lawful and she eats yes and there'll really really good bad and yeah but wrestle some of them away from him you work in could adjourn this sorry but this one is my favorite the falafel the lawful yes to it tastes very authentic to me. But as yet not not out of a as somebody spent a lot of time as well in the middle yes I know my comments and you know true authentic comments. You only eat the day up and then you throw it away because soft fractions are great yet he would never eat how this past 5 o'clock it was made it.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh tries various hummus dishes that you can eat at any time of day, including for breakfast or dessert!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34143917","title":"Makeover Your Hummus","url":"/WNN/video/makeover-hummus-34143917"}