Making His Case for Cupcakes

A new viral video features a little boy lobbying his mother for cupcakes.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Making His Case for Cupcakes
Next time is going to be a viral video you're gonna love it it's -- case. He's destined to be a lawyer or politician or something or -- he's doing kids speak. It's kind of hard to understand exactly what he's anybody's trying to convince his mom that he she got cupcakes for dinner he starts -- -- that calls or honey. It's hilarious take -- -- -- -- to me now. -- know you're on this I said no cupcakes. And you try to get cupcakes and you try to -- -- and and. Okay honey you know honey let's say yeah. Then -- the and that is -- last. He is some good man he's destined to be some kind of great speaker no doubt about that anyway if you put his name on YouTube -- -- -- -- little kid but how do you ever hear these funny I could feel he's going to be -- you know. The late night shows and what I -- but where did he Larry and that perhaps. You're going on try to commit another -- takes everybody's okay. Okay Kermit the Frog is making around -- a big movie premiered LA and then he made his way to watching Danny was aghast at the White House. And they were -- their movie not this most wanted for military kids and their families -- I'm nice there and the First Lady -- -- quote. From Kermit while he was at the White House he said I may not be a marine but I am marine life -- go blue -- cool I'm confident. Military and I am him this problem we have not last segment we like playing here on the desk gold fell -- -- -- it's okay to eat. 52 most. What it's been longer than five seconds so negative but apparently the 52 rule is true new study from passion university in England. They've researchers did some tests -- bacterial looking for E. Coli in these kind of things and they found that in fact five seconds generally it's pretty pretty accurate. And that. -- is almost. Impossible like a lot of bacteria if you pick up even after a minute. Carpets and do your best bet if you dropped on -- if you need to have one minute wrong. The kitchen floor the tile the last minute that little 52 rule but it's and it's comforting to know that yes -- -- -- back we'll get a live and eat it. Yes. -- -- -- -- man's best friend CNN hero that I fell asleep with a laptop on his bad and it. Sparked it actually set a fire in his home where he kept sleeping somehow didn't realize it. His -- came -- started licking its face. And woke him up and that's the only way that he was able to get out alive is actually -- right -- fire captain said. That dog named liberty is that the timely actions very well may have saved his owners life. Great dog camera that is why weren't. Records don't -- I have now go back to -- I'm I don't feel that.

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{"id":22892697,"title":"Making His Case for Cupcakes","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video features a little boy lobbying his mother for cupcakes.","url":"/WNN/video/making-case-cupcakes-22892697","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}