Making Your Own Guacamole For Cinco De Mayo

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, ABC's Tina Trinh learned how to make gourmet guacamole.
3:30 | 05/05/15

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Transcript for Making Your Own Guacamole For Cinco De Mayo
Maybe with OPEC went up. Oh we love out of the game around artists they go to Mayo if you're running on celebrating Mexican cultivated in the gutting a need to make sure you guessed good food. What apps list of freshly made it guacamole it's not us so we had and it's on the kitchen now but he ABC's. Treatment trend as the out of that. Paints I'm yes. It's stink outta my heel and we're here at Yale in TriBeCa to celebrate with Shaq Angeles us he's gonna show us how to make some guacamole. So we're gonna make. Our signature and you welcome when he when there's a tradition now hulking out red onion lying on Sumatra an obvious into the future. Faded out so we want to take half of the guacamole and we're gonna passionate okay. African woman predicted it so we up and that's probably what's next the kinds I think and adults are at much content on. Melissa long trip on me so I didn't handsome red onions. Let's just pop right yeah and a dreams. It's important that you get at city needed at red onion flavor I'm asking for the Holland Kenya. Amenities with a human dignity and but when we need more (%expletive) you weren't mine. More love. Or log OK how many just. Here is unreal it went lava into this. Apple of this here we have fresh ships the seasonally chips with a beautiful jubilee salt kids in there. Captain. Indicate some pineapple fresh pineapple go to Lamar can't smell it feel he could snuff. Pineapple in guacamole. Yes. For the yeah. The amount. Often super sweet how does he get that brown color. Let's should go home I got that believes that's little spicy apple. And hot and again and hit it I'd like I can't act happened we have to vote and making this movie. But this isn't that a hot pineapple daily put into boldly. That isn't a little housing pineapple with a little bit heat and a little in this six. Doctors. And Matalin a color. Mrs. cities that discussions with the press conferences fresh and OK I can't wait for unit case. You mine and I'm happy time and he'd help list. If we think that. And who loses it in the domain. While we we haven't seen nutrients and suggested that you some. A lot of young and old enough clout but go ahead your big guacamole van. I am so I'm yea how TriBeCa has all of us Glock point I think as they're so much going on a little bit confused but this is the one they're tied a lot about this one as pineapple and it also on the road and and she isn't gay and you know the failure to look I don't expert here I like the puck myself -- along with pineapple I don't know I think I would cut elect has soaking in an antenna that's now and a pomegranate. Play that's gonna bad. Does that visible. Invite them yup and not on has pomegranate.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, ABC's Tina Trinh learned how to make gourmet guacamole.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30807988","title":"Making Your Own Guacamole For Cinco De Mayo","url":"/WNN/video/making-cinco-de-mayo-cinco-de-mayo-30807988"}