Man Catches a Giant Grouper

After a half hour of battling, a fisherman pulled in a 300-pound grouper in the Gulf of Mexico.
2:58 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Man Catches a Giant Grouper
Right it's time for the next threats are eyewitness big cats check this out. -- 300. Pound rebel group are now cop bad Texas -- -- -- England for semi yeah. Yeah I think -- but and it's a pretty incredible -- career caught this fish 35 miles off the shore. In Louisiana. To -- thirty minutes to -- it onto his vote. Believe it -- not though even at nearly 300 pounds and six. Feet six inches long and six feet around it -- -- -- No it doesn't quite make the record the record was set back in November 2000 eighths with a 315 million pound grouper but give -- That's saying it was amazing -- that was just color our groups in his sleep might -- Florida to have a purpose that I'm with you women gazans live. Was grateful -- -- that should -- this shameless plug go to hooters. They have a great group river shale -- -- -- and they're semites who by the way did I mention that. -- naughty naughty dog. Viral video people there's -- nuggets little like chicken nuggets in the toaster oven and hot know what to watch us. First chair in -- play climbs out. Undaunted by the thing that they're cooking and there. Opens the door and pursue them on the floor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Vega is back and get the whole tray -- the -- -- following the law. So here's one -- I think you -- Kelly could have -- and trying to punch him becoming apparent contract got -- I gotta confess I'm not sure Lucius. Cost of the catcher Chris Paul -- have -- what sitcoms that. This is -- the little -- all the all of the LA clippers or is he just turned 29 -- -- -- a little busy lately OK so he's just not getting weren't opening his presents he'd gotten the best present ever he got. A signed autographs from. Tiffany -- and of course played Kelly because he says Chris happy birthday might dear. And he -- not -- and puts an answer at with the caption. Best indeed they get that ever received in the right hash tag Kelly cup ski -- checked my first love hash -- we were together in the first -- them yeah. On Friday and telling us that warrants via -- Lott sent it -- yeah I -- like Suzanne Somers in three's company that was -- -- That that's what I'm talking about our annual event -- we'll let the U. DMX -- awesome -- viral video. This is -- -- -- -- really great this lot of daredevil stunts and I think it's too -- but everyone was really. He's analyzed it puts us. --

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{"id":23985069,"title":"Man Catches a Giant Grouper","duration":"2:58","description":"After a half hour of battling, a fisherman pulled in a 300-pound grouper in the Gulf of Mexico.","url":"/WNN/video/man-catches-giant-grouper-23985069","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}