Man Loses a Leg, Creates Creative Halloween Costumes

Josh Sundquist, a cancer survivor, makes costumes that put an emphasis on his disability.
2:55 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Loses a Leg, Creates Creative Halloween Costumes
Are welcome to the makes everyone in the front of Halloween we wanted to share review up pretty special guy you know -- I didn't take his disability and turned it into kind of a world of his own when it comes to Halloween captains are gonna show you a couple here a moment first -- to tell you about you know. It is Josh Sundquist. And at nine years old he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer he was given a 50%. Chance of survival he lost one leg and he survived and he has gone on to just become all kinds of wonderful thing. Check out his custom for this year he has decided to be. Bedding down but if you see -- turned upside to. That's his leg up in the -- as the head of the window and then at the you know the difference is that he's standing on the deaths of those are the -- of the flamingo that's pretty incredible to see if he's like a nimble enough to walk around in my leg like -- ahead call -- he's all turned around scaring me out of that vehicle -- right well. 2010 he certainly has a while ago he's like the YouTube sensation he started and -- back into -- and he was in kindergarten and the check it how it. The gingerbread man in the leg is chopped off in this -- Josh is just an incredible guy he is. A motivational speaker he is a member of the US and PT soccer team a best selling -- 32 personalities apparently the end. And -- Have a lot of really great messages for everyone to -- My Halloween costumes are just metaphors. For this -- idea. This song about all of the negative circumstances. That are happening to -- that have happened to you. Many occasionally lead to unexpectedly. Positive. Outcomes. There -- have -- by the way. The person who uploaded the -- to read it of those new cost him he's -- -- -- -- Candela has become a foaming bath. As an awesome. Because he added when Hillary got that idea that's critical I -- -- Look pranksters on the Internet -- -- pretty famous site YouTube that name a Roman Dennison chase they're up to their old tricks. Me in their latest check -- practical joke which actually is helping the homeless they have a friend named Joseph who owns basically at a pizza shop. And this is an Ohio mr. -- we left -- wallet new shot it is the key would be back in two minutes. They -- the place up and they decide to cook behind your back in the coming up thirty pieces. Thirty -- surprise and then they delivered to homeless shelter. Here is flat out -- -- out. And now we'll -- has no idea that do in this country must be pretty proud of them and then he left anywhere they applauded had a pretty good these parties don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This may be deja Vu all over again -- at least get a feel that way we have some incredible video to show you. This is a cheerleader at the Westlake high school she's a junior name is Michaela -- and she is about to -- 44. Handspring normal fat wallet. She is officially broken and they Guinness book of world record. And it's incredible to --

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{"id":20654021,"title":"Man Loses a Leg, Creates Creative Halloween Costumes","duration":"2:55","description":"Josh Sundquist, a cancer survivor, makes costumes that put an emphasis on his disability.","url":"/WNN/video/man-loses-leg-creates-creative-halloween-costumes-20654021","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}