Man Sells His Last Name

For $45,000, a Florida man changes his name to
2:55 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Man Sells His Last Name
I got a lot like gotta love the corporate invasion of our culture here there is this guy. Down in Florida who is now officially sold his last name from 46000. Dollars to. It -- dot com so for now on he is Jason Kidd -- dot com. We'll get paid that money the market that name obviously publicity like the congregate there right now they'll do is they don't Twitter and FaceBook. And of course is a website that -- yet headsets and so he put out their forbidden. And 45500. Dollars got him the money that -- things for teachers and stop. But now we sold literally -- his birth certificate changed his name for 50000 but still they're married and that doesn't might change his name wreck today. I'm OK so good this is will be called good clean -- it happened at Brigham young university and didn't wanted to see if the missile tell us he's in in the mistletoe if it's still alive and well so what they did he -- seen as just holiday questionnaires and they have their little clip boards and they asked random holiday survey questions -- when the mistletoe was on the -- -- -- people would actually. Kids so they offered up their lives to their cheek and most people bit -- you're not quiet prayer -- -- you have. She put it like that she didn't get it that's right around I don't write him -- and this is time for right. For more grim -- -- Howard guy and a pregnant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So close to him. Yeah.

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{"id":17971745,"title":"Man Sells His Last Name","duration":"2:55","description":"For $45,000, a Florida man changes his name to","url":"/WNN/video/man-sells-17971745","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}